Benefits Of Pausing

I recently read Presentations In Action which offered some insightful points on communicating to an audience. One of the chapters shares these benefits of pausing,

  • Eliminates unwords, such as “um” and “ah”.
  • Enables you to take a breath.
  • Gives you time to think.
  • Gives your audience time to absorb.

I personally have seen the benefits of pausing while speaking to an audience. Have you?


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  • Absolutely, also when I present in PPT mode, I found using the 10-20-30 rule also help wth all of the above also.

    • Anonymous

      Tim, I just watched Guy Kawasaki on Youtube talk about this rule. It was very interesting and helpful. If anyone else wants to check it out here is the link

      Thank you for sharing.

  • Indeed, there are many times that it is best to pause for some time to come back after inspiration.

    • Thank you for reading and stopping by.