Blogging with Purpose

So you want to have a successful blog? I believe that in order to have a successful blog you first have to be writing with purpose. You must find what you’re passionate about; you must find the thing that drives you. The thing that gives you energy in the morning and keeps you up at night. It might be in the area of business, politics, entertainment, sports, food, fashion, or publishing. The point is to find what you are passionate about and then start blogging about it.

I believe that if you are writing about your passions then the people, popularity, and even the money will come in time. I have seen a lot of blogs where I could tell the writer was not following his or her passions. I have also seen other people that are writing with purpose and you could tell they had a passion for their subject. Those are the type of blogs I will re-visit and spend my time reading.

That is why I know my own blog will be successful. Because I have a passion for leadership and personal development and I am writing with purpose. I am a purpose driven writer. What’s your passion and are you writing with purpose?

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