A Key To Moving Forward

Something that will allow you to move to the next level is other people. Other people play a huge role in determining if you stay where you are at or if you move forward. This is because you will become like the people you spend the most time with or are around. Those people will either sharpen you or allow you to become dull.

The key to always be moving forward is to associate with people who will help you grow, change, and become better.

We can desire and dream about being successful but if we are not around the right people nothing great will ever happen. The people who have become successful are ones who have associated with the right minded people. We often know the types of people who will hold us back but too many times fail to distance ourselves from them. This is the separator from successful and unsuccessful people.

Choose to associate with people who will help you move to the next level while distancing yourself from the ones who will block your growth, development, and potential success.

Question: How has other people either helped or blocked you from moving forward?

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  • Great reminder, Dan! It’s the sharpening affect we get from other people that helps us face the rough parts in our character, actions and lives and helps us grow into the people God called us to be.

    • Danblackonleadership

      Jason, thank you for sharing. A person who new the power of association was Jesus, he was around those who he could sharpen and be sharpened by, while separating himself from the people like the legalistic leaders.

  • Marc Millan

    Absolutely true Dan, the people around you are what you attract and challenge your thinking. You are as limited as those you surround yourself with so be sure to mix it up and invite, embrace different perspectives if your goal is to keep developing yourself.