5 Practical Ways to Overcome Your Leadership Fear

Brave leaders survive


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Leadership is for the brave. It is imperative that as a leader you are able to face challenges that come with leadership. In whatever position of leadership an individual is, one is met by multiple challenges. One major challenge is the fear of failure. It is a natural aspect of an individual to fear failure. It is an aspect rooted deep in one’s ego. According to academic writing experts at SolidEssay.com, naturally, a leader is supposed to get out of their comfort zone and try new ways to make sure they effectively manage their position of leadership, while at the same time achieving the set objectives. It is natural for an entrepreneur to feel scared while going out of their comfort zone. However, it is important that as a leader, the fear of failure does not supersede the desire to succeed. We shall look at some ways to overcome the aforementioned fears.

1. Recognize your fear

The first step of overcoming the fear of leadership is recognizing the fear. As a leader, you are mandated to constantly probe yourself. Ask yourself, what are you afraid of as a leader? Is it the fear of failure? The fear of being humiliated? The importance of recognizing the fear is that it helps you focus on ways to avoid it and overcome the fear. Nobody has all the answers to everything. Naturally, expectation of a leader is to know and have answers to problems within their area of leadership. The aforementioned aspect is a major cause or rather, source of fear to many leaders. When you do not have the right answers to solve a problem, a leader should not be afraid to admit that they do not have all the answers to particular questions. You can find an individual specialized in that particular field to provide adequate answers to the questions raised. As a sign of leadership, when you recognize the fear, you find ways to overcome and deal with it.

2. Trust your gut

Having the self-belief is a key aspect to overcoming individual fear. Trust what you know, a show of self-confidence is a big boost to overcome the fear to lead. Most brilliant leaders have shown strong mental characters. It means that, as a leader, you have full confidence in the decisions that you make. People will respect a leader who makes stun decisions during a crisis. Confidence that beams out from an individual goes a long way to boost self-confidence and ego as a leader.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people

There’s a saying, ‘show me your friend, and I will tell you the kind of person you are.’ There is so much one can take from the people they associate themselves with. Since childhood, each one of us at one point of time was told that we should surround ourselves with the right people. The people in your life influence your character. Walking in a pack of lions, you become one of them! A leader should surround himself with other leaders, other people who influence you in the right way.

4. Be guided by your goals

One major way to overcome the fear of leadership is letting the set objectives guide you. The pressure lies in achieving the set goals. However, when you are guided by the need to meet the set objectives, the need for success exceeds the fear of failure. The first step is to reframe the set goals such that you encompass the opportunity to learn something new. This implies that when you fail, it is a learning curve and an added experience on how to face similar challenges in future.

5. Everyone makes mistakes

It is imperative to keep in mind that no leader is flawless. Every individual makes mistakes. However, it is through the mistakes we make that we find solutions. At every single moment, it is important to keep in mind that, as a leader, every decision you make will come under scrutiny. People will question your ability and decisions. However, to overcome this hurdle, the key is integrity.

Leaders face numerous challenges on a daily basis. It could be a group of five, or a manager at a particular company, or the president. At whatever level of leadership an individual is, the challenges that come are many. However, as mentioned above, it is imperative for leaders to ensure that the fear of failure as a leader does not exceed the desire to succeed.

Question: Can you add to the list? How do you overcome your leadership fears?

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