Six Principles to Help You to Achieve Success this Year (Pt.2)

How to have your best year ever

Road that says success in the asphalt

In the first part of The 6 Principles to Help You to Achieve Success this Year we discussed the principle of self-leadership, influence, and initiative.  If you adapt these principles into your life they can help you to reach your goals and obtain your dreams. They lead you to be successful in the areas you desire success in. Let’s dive into the remaining 3 principles:

4. The principle of Determination

Determination positions you to follow through and complete your goals and dreams. Success is never achieved easily so you need to determine within yourself that you will never quit or give up. I really like the definition of determination. It says, “The act of coming to a decision” or “a fixed direction toward some object or end.” This principle is about deciding to do something and staying committed to what you have started, until completion. You can achieve a lot when you are determined. Tommy Lasorda said, “The difference between the impossible and possible lies in a man’s determination.” Determine to write out your goals and dreams then to stick with them until completion, even during the ups and downs of life.

5. The principle of your Attitude

Your attitude plays a significant role when it comes to achieving success, your goals, and dreams. Winston Churchill said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” You need to choose to have a positive attitude over a negative one, to be optimistic over being pessimistic. The key is to be aware of your emotions while shifting your attitude toward the positive or good. For example, if you hear someone gossiping about you or abusing you in any way you can feel angry or upset. These are normal emotions but at some point you have to make a choice to move away from those feelings so they don’t cause you to react with a negative attitude. This might mean you confront the problem or issue, forgive the person, and work through the hurt it has caused you. Holding onto the feelings for too long can create bitterness and cause you to have a bad attitude.

6. The principle of Perspective

You can’t control the genetics you were born with, how you were raised, or what has happened to you in your life. All you can control is what you do with how you have been created and how you play the cards you have been given. Actor Chris Pine said, “The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.” Begin to give yourself a new perspective about yourself and life by seeing what you have the potential to do and the person you can become. You can achieve success and your dreams. All you have to do is to believe it, own it, and start taking action.

Questions: How do you intend on having the best year ever by implementing these 6 principles? What other principles would you include on the list?

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6 thoughts on “Six Principles to Help You to Achieve Success this Year (Pt.2)

  1. All really good points, Dan. For me, perseverance has been and continues to be huge. I wear a necklace that has two charms with the following inscribed: “Perseverance” and “Never give up.” More and more, perseverance sets a person apart because too many give up when results aren’t immediate and easy. I may be slow and make mistakes, but I refuse to quit moving forward.

  2. Great quote by Pine
    Perception is so important. What we focus on determines our perception and perception determines our reality.
    I’m working on keeping my focus on God and not circumstances this year.
    God bless.
    Great post