Can A Person Be A ManaLeader

leader vs. manager

Repost from 2012

We hear a lot about a leader or manager and usually those two areas of authority don’t intermix. However would it benefit a person to become a ManaLeader, someone who has both management and leadership skills? This would mean no matter your job or title you would be learning and applying both the skills of a manager and leader. Here are some thoughts on the role of a manager and leader:

Manager- A manager is someone who is in control of a working function to allow it to continue working well. It might be managing a team, project, or an entire organization or section of it. Henri Fayol said this about what a manager does, “To manage is to forecast and to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control.”

Leader- A leader is someone who leads others with influence. They influence others to see and purse a better tomorrow by having a clear vision and obtainable goals. Dwight D. Eisenhower said this about what a leader does, “Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something that you want done because he wants to do it.”

Author and speaker Stephen Covey says this about the topic, “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” This shows a person can and should have both management and leadership skills while in a position of authority. For now I stop writing about this topic to hear your thoughts.

Questions: Can someone become an effective ManaLeader, having both management and leadership skills. What do you think are some benefits to becoming a ManaLeader?

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13 thoughts on “Can A Person Be A ManaLeader

  1. Great post Dan. As a small business owner I think both are very beneficial. I am a stronger leader then a manager but if I don’t put in the energy into both it negatively effects my business. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. The mix is definite in order to man the ship well. You find however good leaders are able to become better managers but not the other way around. I suppose good good leaders are able to the inspiration to improve on the department. Additionally by demonstrating good management skills can also be recognize as a good

  3. I think a person can become both, but I think they will usually have a leaning toward one or the other i.e. some will be leader-managers, others mana-leaders. Some will be vison focused managers that have learned how to implement practical systems and organise people toward their goal. Others will be management/system focused leaders who have learned how to communicate the purpose behind the protocols that are in place and motivate others to remain focused on them. I think the best case scenarios are where you have two people who major in one or the other and allow their styles to complement one another as they lead together. Sort of a Steve Jobs (vision/leader) and Steve Wozniak (technocrat/system/manager) combo maybe. Really interesting topic to think about.

    • Hi Micah,

      Great points. I’m learning a person can be both a leader and manager but they often are stronger in one of those areas over the other. Good examples. Thank you for reading and adding your wisdom on the topic.