The Benefits Of Passion

I have found the  people who successfully lead and influence others have passion. This is a key factor to leading others. Because people want to follow someone who is passionate about life and the future. Having true passion requires you to be doing something which is in line with your life purpose and allowing you to use your personal strengths. Many positive things happen when a leader has passion. Here are a few benefits of passion,

  • Passion brings energy.
  • Passion helps create change and movement.
  • Passion creates a positive environment.
  • Passion ignites others.
  • Passion drives vision.
  • Passion increases influence.
  • Passion brings opportunity and opens the door to success.

Question: Can you add to the list?

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15 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Passion

  1. It’s true! If I was picking someone to train up as a leader I would rather have someone with the right passion and no knowledge than someone with all the knowledge and no passion. Knowledge can be taught, passion has to be caught.

    • Matthew,
      I would make the same choice. Like you said you can’t train someone to have passion but you can train them in an area of skills. Thank you for stopping by and sharing, I always like hearing your thoughts.

  2. I would add that passion actually helps you get through the hard times when it seems that the dream or the work isn’t working out right. At least, I know that it’s helped for me.

    • Thank you for the addition Jason. I totally agree with you. If you have a passion for something you have an easier time getting through the hard times. But when you don’t have a passion for something, most often what happens when hard times happen is you quit or move on.

  3. Passion is that stuff that helps you shred water when the water gets too deep, it keeps you floating when everyone else gets too tired to stay above water.
    Gotta have passion for what you do.

  4. passion is contagious. It spreads giving tangible benefits to health, mind, soul and improves life of others too