5 Reasons why Leaders should Engage in Daily Personal Growth


The habit of daily personal growth is essential when it comes to your leadership and life. The fact is if you want to be an effective leader, reach your potential, and consistently deliver results you will need to always be growing yourself. We often hear about the how-to topics of personal growth. How-to increase your leadership skills, areas of strengths, or productivity. The how is needed but to value and engage in personal growth requires knowing the why. Below are 5 reasons why leaders should engage in daily personal growth:

1. You remain sharp

The sharper you are the better you will lead. A leader becomes and remains sharp by engaging in daily personal growth. The blade on an axe becomes dull if left unused for a long time. Similarly, your skills and abilities will become ineffective if you are not sharpening them on a daily or regular basis. This is why you need to grow and develop yourself, so you will remain sharp in your leadership position. When you implement daily growth the results are an increase in productivity, confidence, energy, creativity, and effectiveness. The best leaders value the process and benefits of personal growth. Take time for daily growth to remain sharp.

2. You remain beside (or even ahead of) the learning curve

Everyday new information and technology is being created and released. Today’s knowledge or breakthrough ideas, thoughts, or products will soon become irrelevant since the world is ever changing and advancing forward. The definition of a learning curve is “the rate of a person’s progress in gaining experience or new skills.” To remain beside or even ahead of all the new knowledge and information being released you need to engage in daily growth. Failing to maintain a growth habit will negatively impact your leadership abilities and effectiveness. Your goal should be to learn and focus on the relevant information you will need in order to remain competent within your role and chosen field. It’s about being specific about the growth topics you study and learn. Take time to determine the specific growth areas you will be concentrating on, then be intentional about daily growing in those areas.

3. You add the most value-

When you engage in daily personal growth it allows you to add the most value to your team. The next step after you grow is to empower and equip those you lead with the knowledge and information you learned. Great leaders understand the purpose of personal growth is not only to benefit themselves but also those around them.

Daily growth assists you in creating an environment of learning were each team member is excited and intentional about implementing a personal growth plan. Powerful things happen when you consume personal growth content on a daily basis. It allows you to possess the knowledge and wisdom to provide advice or insights whether it’s during an impromptu conversation with one of your followers or during a planned training meeting. Grow not only for yourself but for the benefit of those around you. Be intentional about being an overfilled reservoir of value adding advice and insights by taking the time for daily growth.

4. You are more interesting

Being an interesting leader is an essential quality to possess. The word interesting is defined as “engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity of another.” Reading this definition we can see those who are interesting will have a higher degree of respect and influence with those they lead. Daily growth allows you to learn and retain interesting information. When you share and weave what you learn into your leadership style you will in turn be or become an interesting leader. Being interesting offers many benefits. You will be able to hold an increased number of intelligent conversations and share new or fascinating topics. This maximizes your leadership and helps captivate those you lead. Choose to be an interesting leader by engaging in daily personal growth.

5. You secures your leadership position

Lastly, one of the most important reasons why you should engage in daily personal growth is to secure your leadership position. When you grow daily you will learn the skills and abilities which cause you to remain effective in your leadership roles. Those who grow have a higher probability of remaining the leader and achieving continual levels of success while those who don’t grow eventually cap themselves off from reaching their potential or being successful. A failure to grow often causes a leader to fail or become ineffective. Secure your leadership and influence by being intentionally growing yourself on a daily basis.

Questions: Can you add to the list, why should leaders engage in daily personal growth? Have you discovered your why to grow yourself? What is it? 

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26 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Leaders should Engage in Daily Personal Growth

  1. You know that point about being interesting is one you just don’t hear mentioned anywhere. Yet thinking about it, it’s a really great point. Seriously underrated. It’s making me wonder why it’s so rarely brought up when discussing the topics of leadership and influence.

    • After reading your comment I’ve not read about what you mention anyplace else. Maybe it’s time to write more about how personal grow make you interesting/ being an interesting leader. Thank you for adding your thoughts.

  2. Along the lines of becoming more interesting, the fact is that we are part of a story. People are naturally drawn to interesting stories. It seems that the most effective leaders have a great life story to tell as a result of daily personal growth.

  3. Fortunately, I’ve always been driven to learn and grow. I think my passion for the new things I learn is what helps me as a leader and is also the reason I follow others. Thanks for the great thoughts!

  4. I would add that you enjoy life more. You feel good that you are productive, your personal self is healthy. Your mind likes learning new things and a strong self tends to be exposed to more opportunities.

  5. Great article. I really like Point #3. So many people have fixed mindsets – it can be a great example to them when they see a leader that has a growth mindset & isn’t satisfied with the status quo.

  6. I think it also keeps us from getting burnt out and gives us extra benefits, depending on the area we’re trying to grow in. One of the areas I’m currently working on is insecurity – learning to not worry about what people think. That has the benefit of making me more peaceful and also helps me enjoy my work more.

  7. I like the list, Dan. I especially like the analogy of the dull axe. I think he desire to learn and create makes the list a whole lot easier to navigate.

  8. That’s so awesome that you mentioned “interesting” as a reason to engage in person growth. It’s so overlooked as people are trying to find a tangible payoff for it. I consider it really overlooked as a benefit. For one, people are drawn to interesting people. We want to be around them because they have things going on. We’re more likely to listen to them and think about things they’ve said.

  9. Don, Great post!I find all of your points to be true in my own leadership journey. If I don’t take time each day to grow personally & spiritually, I atrophy. Thanks for your considered thoughts.