Be Specific In Your Learning

When it comes to learning and developing the best thing you can do is to be specific. The key is to channel your learning to a few major areas. Doing this maximizes a person’s strengths, development, and potential. This is essential because it’s too hard to focus on growing and learning in every area. This is why we should be specific in what we learn. Earl Nightingale said,

“If you spend one hour a day on any given subject for five years, then at the end of that five years you will become an expert on that subject.”

If you desire to be an expert in any given area then it will require time and being specific in your development. But the best areas, where you will see the most results in are areas of your strengths and talents. This is because we will learn and develop the most in those areas. So if you desire to be an expert in your chosen field then be specific in your practice and learning.

Question: How specific are you with your learning?

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  • Due to the nature of my job, I tend to be pretty specific. Except for the occasional fiction I read as a diversion, I read to enhance my learning and ability to lead and share. Good thought today Dan.

    • Anonymous

      Great to hear Bill. This is key even for church leaders/pastors. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  • Well, I hope old Earl was right. :)
    Remember you can learn a lot today, if you can remember you have a lot to learn.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Marc for reading and sharing.

  • I’m fairly specific and have been focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship.

    It is starting to pay off and can’t wait to see the returns it brings in.

    • Anonymous

      Those are some great areas. If you have not read Dave Ramsey’s newest book EntreLeadership you should check it out. Glad to hear your getting results.