Be Self-Motivated

A must have quality for leader’s is the ability to be self-motivated. This happens when a leader knows they need to rely primarily on inward motivation and not outward factors. Other people and things can and should motivate us but it should not be our main focus. Because, the only person who can motivate you 100 percent of the time is yourself. Some leader’s understand this while others don’t.

Leader’s who rely mainly on other people or things to motivate them will be very disappointed. Just think about what would happen if the person you look to for motivation is having a bad day or week, what happens then? All of a sudden the leader is not being motivated because someone else is having a bad day.

The main point is that we can have other things motivate us but must have the ability to motivate ourselves, which is always an inward habit. Last week I wrote, 21 Ways To Motivate Yourself which will help you be proactive in being self motivated.

Question: What are some effects of a leader who is not self-motivated?

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4 thoughts on “Be Self-Motivated

  1. The biggest affect if the leader isn’t motivated falls on the team. The team suffers or the organization. The leader has to find a way to stay self motivated/stay positive. This is a great post and truthful one. It’s the secret to successful leadership.

    • It is sad when this happens because others are effective in a negative way. I have seen and have had managers who effected the people because of having low self esteem and not being self-motivated.

      The key for us is to make sure we have the habit of motivating ourselves. Thank you for sharing.

    • So true, if a leader or person is not motivated, then the productivity and results go down. Thank you for reading.