4 Things Successful Leaders Keep Doing


Achieving success is only one victory, the real achievement is to maintain your success while making progress to new levels of success. Becoming successful can be easier than maintaining the success. Here are 4 things you must keep doing after you become successful:

Keep serving

Successful people can quickly move from a serving to self-serving mindset. Success can cause them to begin to believe they have arrived at a place where they no longer need to serve or help others while at the same time those same people should start to serve them. This is dangerous because this mindset can cause one to lose influence and jeopardize what they have built. You can still enjoy the rewards of success but make sure to always serve those around you, especially to those who have contributed directly to you becoming successful in the first place.

Keep taking risks

Taking a certain amount of risk is required in order to achieve success. However, after becoming successful a danger is to stop taking calculated risks, the type which lead the person to become successful in the first place. Success can cause a person to be complacent and comfortable. They avoid risking because it could cause them to fail or lose the level of success they have achieved. To maintain and achieve the next level of success requires taking risks. Chose to be a leader who always takes calculated risks no matter how successful you become.

Keep growing yourself

After a leader becomes successful it is necessary to maintain the habit of learning by consuming personal growth content. Prior to success a driven person often has the desire to grow and learn, with the goal being to become knowledgeable and competent within their field. This positions them to excel toward success. Once success comes some can be tempted to place a low priority on personal growth or stop the habit all together. The problem is this only prevents future success and causes the leader to plateau. You need to keep learning and growing yourself so you can achieve your maximum potential. This is a choice best made before you achieve success because after you become successful you can easily overlook the need to grow yourself.

Keep hustling

Success can cause a person to slow down or take it easy. After becoming successful is when you need to keep hustling so you will maintain your level of success. You have to avoid thinking success is a destination and start seeing it as a never ending journey. When you keep hustling it will lead to greater levels of success. You should place your life purpose and vision of the future at the center of your life while working hard in your core responsibilities. No matter your current level of success, keep moving forward by hustling.

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20 thoughts on “4 Things Successful Leaders Keep Doing

  1. Great post Dan! My wife and I where just talking about this as I have exciting stuff coming. These are solid tips;) I would add that it starts with maintaining a humble heart. Keep up the great work!

  2. Dan, in regards to what you wrote here: “Success can cause a person to slow down or take it easy. ”

    Very true. I often remind my clients that success is too often the enemy of greater success.”

    And regarding what you wrote here: “Keep growing yourself”

    Few people have made this a habit. Instead, most people overestimate where they are and underestimate where the could be and who they can become.

    Thanks for your four great points Dan.

    • Hi Alan,

      I’m glad you found those statements helpful. Growth is a mindset/attitude we need to adapt into our life, the earlier we do the better. Thank you for adding your thoughts here.

  3. All great points here, Dan. Great leaders do in fact keep growing, learning and serving. They think they can improve and become a better version of themselves. They not only grow by personal growth content but through leadership courses, mentoring others, reading and more. The one skill or factor a successful leader must maintain in order to do all the things you mention is remain humble.

    • Great additional ways for a leader to keep growing and learning. I totally agree, several methods of growth are important. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with us.

  4. Excellent post and points, Dan. It really is about always pushing and changing as the world or markets do. Having the desire to continue to evolve and learn, and as you said, take a certain and calculated amount of risks, is huge!

  5. I love the idea of maintaining our growth – it’s so easy to get to a point where we coast, where we just reap the dividends of where we already are. But we need to keep moving forward onto higher and higher heights.