The Five Components of Personal Growth

Components of growth

Personal growth brings many benefits to a leader. If you want to remain competent and move toward your potential then you need to engage in personal growth on a regular basis. However, personal growth does not just happen by chance, it requires adapting several foundational components into your life. Those components include being teachable, consistency, perseverance, patience, and self-motivation. Let’s dive into those five essential components of personal growth:

Quality #1 Teachable

Being teachable is about being open to learn and retain new information. Teachable people put themselves in places where they are learning and adapting the skills, theories, and methods that will cause them to become better people and leaders. When you observe people you will find not everyone has this type of attitude. I’ve found there are teachable people and those who are not open to learning. Unfortunately many people are in the latter group. Being teachable is an irrefutable component of personal growth.

Quality #2 Consistency

The best leaders understand the value of always growing and learning. Moving toward your peak performance potential requires consistent growths. This does not happen by reading a couple of books or attending a conference then thinking you have done enough to grow yourself. The sharpening and development of your skills requires the regular habit of engaging in personal growth content. Personal growth should never stop. Discipline yourself to always be growing.

Quality #3 Perseverance

Perseverance is a close companion of personal growth. Perseverance is defined as a, “Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.” Life brings a variety of seasons and experiences. Your goal should be to continue investing in personal growth no matter your current or future season of life. To always be taking the initiative to grow yourself. This requires perseverance, especially for those hard or demanding seasons. The secret is to invest a little time during your day/week for personal growth. Determine to always be investing time into your schedule for personal growth.

Quality #4 Patience

To see the results of personal growth requires patience. It can be difficult to see the benefits or results of personal growth since we live in a fast paced, “I want it now” society. Personal growth takes time. The process is more like a crock-pot than a microwave. Being patient is about continuing to develop yourself and knowing in time you will reap the investment you made. Invest in personal growth and be patient about seeing the results.

Quality #5 Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is crucial when it comes to personal growth. You can’t rely solely on outside sources like people or your environment to motivate you to grow. They will fall short when it comes to motivating you 100 percent of the time. For example, what happens if your source of motivation is from a person and they have a bad day or week? What happens is their bad day will negatively affect your feelings of motivation. The only person who can motivate you 100 percent of the time is yourself. This is why self-motivation is so crucial to have when it comes to personal growth. You have to be able to motivate yourself to grow and learn.

Questions: Can you add any other components of personal growth? Which of these components are present in your life and which ones do you need to adapt more into your life, so you will be able to always be growing yourself?

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  • Great Article Dan as always. Keep in coming my way.

  • Thanks for this, Dan! From your list, I think that the first one is the biggest key: teachable. An additional one (and one I struggle with) is focus.

    • Yes, being teachable is at the foundation of growth. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  • Great article Dan. My struggle is with patience. God is always working on me on this. Glad He is patient with me;)

    • You and me both:) I’ve found God’s timing is often different than our own timing. The key is to keep taking action, which you are a prime example of a person taking action.

  • I see self-motivation as being the real key to it all. Others are only going to motivate you so much – at some point you’ve got to have a fire inside yourself.

    • I totally agree with you Loren, nothing will get done if we are not able to motivate the driver of accomplishment (ourselfs). Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • I think I am growing most in perseverance at the moment but need to work on consistency. And I wish I would have learned self-motivation earlier than I did.

    • That’s a good one to be growing in Jon. At least you learned self-motivation, many people have not learned that valuable quality. Thank you for adding to the post.

  • You know I love those attributes, Dan. Love your passion for all of it, brother.

    • Oh, yes:) Whenever I wrote about perseverance I know you will enjoy it :) Thank you for stopping by my friend.

  • Good insights, Dan. I’m saving this in my Evernote personal development notebook. :)

    • Thank you Kent:) I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  • I have often been known to start on an idea and to give up after a while. Perseverance doesn’t come naturally to me, and it is something I have worked on. With writing, I said to myself from the outset that I was going to persevere and push through the ups and downs. And I’ve stuck with it for 3.5 years now, which is something I can look back upon and be proud of.

    • Your definitely growing in perseverance Chris! Keep up the great work my friend.

  • Alan Allard

    “The process is more like a crock-pot than a microwave.” That’s a great statement Dan.

    • Thank you Alan, glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for commenting.

  • Definitely notice the presence or absence of all of these in my life… if I’m paying attention. Finding my own balance of these is essential in my own unique path to success. Great list!

    • I totally agree, a balance of all of them allows anyone to excel toward success. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • I’m not as patient or consistent as I’d like to be. But since I do well at persevering, I’m hopeful that I’ll keep growing!

    • I’m sure perseverance will allow you to keep growing! Thank you for sharing.

  • I would add curiosity. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned simply because I got curious about it. Not only that, but it’s motivational. Instead of pushing yourself to learn something, you’re being pulled into it. That, to me, is a massive way to learn and retain information. When you’re sucked into something, you’re more likely to remember it.

    • Great addition Steve, being curious is so important. Thank you for adding to the topic.