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Enjoy these quotes:

“The real secret of success is enthusiasm.” ~Walter Chrysler

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ~Winston Churchill

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~Thomas A. Edison

“The man who can drive himself further, once the effort gets painful, is the man who will win.” ~Roger Bannister

“We’re constantly striving for success, fame and comfort when all we really need to be happy is someone or something to be enthusiastic about.” ~Jackson Brown, Jr.

“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.” ~Napoleon Hill

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.” ~Paulo Coelho

“All we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” ~Charles Kingsley

“Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away.” ~Denis Waitley

“Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.” ~Dale Carnegie

“Enthusiasm is not the same as just being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster.” ~Bo Bennett

“When you’re a very ambitious person, the things that are disappointing are when other people around you aren’t as enthusiastic.” ~Reba McEntire

“No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life.” ~Samuel Goldwyn

“Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.” ~Booker T. Washington

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” ~Samuel Ullman

“Enthusiasm is the greatest asset you can possess, for it can take you further than money, power or influence.” ~Dada Vaswani

“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” ~Napoleon Hill

“Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them.” ~John C. Maxwell

“Enthusiasm moves the world.” ~Arthur Balfour

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm.” ~Aldous Huxley

“Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.” ~Henry Ford

“Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

“I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.” ~Michael Jordan

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

“Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” ~W. Clement Stone

Questions: Which of the above quotes did you like the most? Can you add to the list?

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10 thoughts on “Enthusiastic Quotes

  1. I remember this! I still like the second and third ones by Churchill and Edison. I know I’ve probably said it to often, but I think that if desire is king then perseverance is queen!

  2. The quote I enjoyed rather surprised me. “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I usually don’t like Emerson. I’ve never been able to get into his writing or way of thinking before, but this one really stood out to me. Huh, I guess I’m either growing as a reader or I caught something of his that I just happened to like.