I Shall Raise Thee Up By Michael Holmes

I have read many leadership, business, and inspirational books; but “I Shall Raise Thee Up” is one of a kind. It provided me with new principles and thoughts on being a great person and leader. Michael Holmes uses stories, life examples, and the word of God to share timeless principles. He talks about what greatness is and the kind of character it takes to be great. Some of the laws he talks about include: The Law of Vision, The Law of Persistence, and The Law of Stewardship.

One of the many thoughts I took away from this book was when Michael said,” We tend to become like whatever we view or study for a length of time. To see better is to become better, to see more is to become more, and to see greater is to become greater” (Chapter on the Law of Vision). I believe the power of that statement. Where you will be in five years will be determined by the books you read and the people you’re around. So to be great or successful we need to “view or study” on the things that will allow us to accomplish great things for God.

In the Law of Stewardship Michael Says, “Before anyone is entrusted with big things they’re first tested with small things.” We can see this law at work throughout the bible and history. God always starts small and then goes from there. What God gives he expects much in return.

This is a book you will want to read with a highlighter or pen. I already have and will continue to recommend this book to others. This is a must read for every Christian and business leader.

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