Where Is God? By John Townsend

Everyone goes through different struggles. Having dieses or losing a loved one to name two. There are others losing their jobs, houses, cars during this economic downturn. But where is God during these times? This is the question John answers this book.
The main reason why we go through difficult times is because we live in a fallen world. When Adam and Eve fell they allowed sin to enter the human race. John Townsend tells of three categories of sin, which might be causing our hard time. They are “Sin By Us, Sin Against Us, and Sin From A Broken World System.” We must understand that these are the main reason why we go through difficult times.
One of the take a ways from this book was when John Said,”Relationships, connecting with others on a need level often make differences between a crises overcoming you, or you overcoming it.” The key is to have people in your life that can hold you up when are times come.
John wrote this book with to help others while using the word of God and his many years of being a psychologist. He has an even balance of the bible, stories, and examples from his own experiences. A few of the topics he discusses is: “God Suffering with us, God working behind the scenes, God who transforms us, God connecting with us, and expecting God.” I have and will continue to recommend this book to the many people who need it.

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