Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 7)

Leadership Wisdom

This series is about sharing the knowledge, thoughts, and wisdom of those who comment on my blog. I’d recommend checking out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6. Below is more leadership wisdom from my readers. I hope you enjoy:


Charles Stone from CharlesStone.com

“I would add non-directed thinking. My passion is how the brain impacts leadership and neuroscientists are discovering that lots of time we solve problems when we aren’t actively trying to solve them. The “answer came to me while in the shower” is fact based. So, when we are stuck, it’s good to get away from intense thinking when we hit a wall–do something fun, distracting, etc. and then get back to the problem.”

“I’ve been studying Bowen Family Systems, a different way of seeing human dynamics than Freud. At the core of their paradigm for healthy people is strong core values and a clear awareness of them.”

Skip Prichard from SkipPrichard.com

“Insecure leaders can be dangerous to all around. What makes you insecure? It’s likely different for each of us. For some, a lack of financial resources drives insecurity (fear of job loss). I’ve seen that often, and the answer is to get your financial house in order, eliminate debt, and grow your savings account. That helps. For others, it’s a lack of skill. And the answer is to develop those skills that empower you. I could go on. Know yourself first, then get to work on you. The result will be a highly confident leader who is able to inspire others.”

“I don’t know anyone who is successful who doesn’t have stories about failure, overcoming odds, and pushing through.”

“Another often-overlooked way to find a strength is to ask others. I’ve been surprised about how often I have pointed out someone’s strengths and that person say that they were surprised. Later, they would come back and say that it made a big difference. We often don’t realize our own strengths in the same way others may. Self-reflection may illuminate strengths, but there are times when others see them immediately.”

Takis Athanassiou from TakisAthanassiou.com

“A key to leadership… making sure what you believe is evidenced by how you live and not just by what you say.”

“When you break an established routine, you have benefits (some times more than those you been expecting!). Outside your comfort zone marvelous things, might happen.”

“To spark my thinking I watching webminars and seminars, reading books outside your expertise or work and teaching (not only the teaching part but and the interaction art via Q&A, etc ).”

Question: Which of the above comments resonated with you the most?

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  • They are all great points but I can relate to Charles’ first comment. Can’t tell you how many times I have woken up at 2 AM with a solution to a problem. It is amazing what the brain can do when we turn off all the noise.

    • I know right, it’s amazing how that happens. Thank you for always engaging in the discussion.

  • Intriguing thoughts from @SkipPrichard I’ve seen a few insecure leaders and it’s usually predictable how they are going to react when they feel threatened. They usually end up isolating themselves as they lead out of fear and doubt.

    • Insecure leaders can really damage a team/organization. Thank you for sharing:)

  • Lea

    Takis’ first comment reminds me of an instance of poor leadership that I’ve observed. The whole do as I say, not as I do approach is not effective and does not help you gain respect. True and effective leaders do just that, lead.

    You can securely grab people’s attention and hold it when you are the evidence of your teachings.


    • Hello Lea,

      Yes, true leaders lead and stay beside those they lead. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.