5 Characteristics Of A Godly Vision

When I was growing up my family went to a church with about 50 weekly attendees, which is still the case today. Looking back now I can see many factors which caused them not to become an Acts church. The main factors where the lack of leadership and vision. The truth is that if both of these are not at play in a church or ministry, then it will become stagnant and eventually perish.

This is why vision and leadership are essential in a church or ministry. Today though let’s focus on the vision aspect. If we desire to see results and advancements in the kingdom then a Godly vision is required. Here are 5 characteristics of a Godly vision,

1. The vision leads to helping others- A Godly vision is about helping other people. It’s the core aspect of the vision. It does not matter the size of the church or ministry, the outcome should be helping others. The vision should help people develop personally and spiritually.

2. The vision glorifies God- Church leaders should desire to glorify God in everything they do, which involves their life and the vision. Both of these things need to be pointing toward glorifying God’s name. Which is done by making sure the message or delivery of the ministry has a clear focus on God.

3. The vision is future focused- The key to a Godly vision is showing others a picture of a better future. The church and/or ministry needs to be moving forward and showing your people a clear and better future. This needs to be God-made and not man-made. Because only a Godly vision truly helps a person or group move toward a better future.

4. The vision defeats the devil- The purpose of a Godly vision is to destroy the works of the enemy. We should have ministries and outreaches which defeats the enemy’s plans and work.

5. The vision advances God’s kingdom- A Godly vision should be biblically based and advancing the kingdom of God. We can easily know if we are advancing the kingdom if the church or ministry is always growing and ministering to other people.

Each of these 5 characteristics is essential in a Godly vision. If you desire to reach your church’s and/or ministries full potential then vision is needed.

Question: What are some other characteristics of a Godly vision?  

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15 thoughts on “5 Characteristics Of A Godly Vision

  1. These are great areas to point out in a vision, I heard bIll, Hybels, who you recently posted about state the importance of “strategy” in vision. I do think your points are incredibly on point and in cases, some churches don’t state a “strategy”, a plan on how to accomplish the vision. So although it points to the future, sounds great, no one in the organization has an idea where to start or how to connect the dots. This is where many orgs/churches stall or fail unfortunately. Vision & strategy make the whole picture complete. You may not know the whole strategy but an over-all 2-5 yr plan at least works.

    • Marc, great point. A vision needs a strategy and goals in order to accomplish it. Having a strategic plan with goals you can see and reach are key to accomplishing your vision. Having a 2-5 year strategy or goals is a great start. I would add that a short and long term strategy and goals are needed.

      • Jason and Dan, absolutely right on both fronts. An organization that doesn’t mention vision or mention it enough loses steam and direction quickly. Right on fellas.

    • On top of having a strategy, you also need to communicate that vision over and over and over again. I’ve been in churches that have great vision, have a great strategy to see it happen, but there is no buy-in from the congregation because it was never communicated WHY this is the vision or HOW they can be involved.

      Great points Dan.

      • Thank you for sharing that Jason. I also have been in churches which had great vision but it was never shared. I almost stated that at the end of the post but did not want to make a brief statement about it then end the post. Both having a strategy and communicating a vision are great ideas for future posts.

        Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

        • I figured you didn’t add it because of the focus of the post, but that’s what’s been on my mind lately as I move forward with my ministry. Learning to put that vision out front all the time.

          • Which I’m glad you did. Because it’s an important point and I wanted a discussion on the topic which is what happened. Having vision out front is key, glad to hear your doing that. Thank you for adding to the discussion. I value your thoughts.

  2. Dan, great post.

    For me a great characteristic of vision is its ability to get people out of ruts. Right after Elijah had challenged and beaten all the prophets of Baal, Jezebel had threatened to kill him so he high tails it out of there.

    He runs to a cave and prays to die. Well if he really wanted to die he should have just stayed put in town. My guess is he just wanted life to get better.

    God then shows up and speaks to him in a still small voice, gives him vision for the rest of his life in training up his successor, Elisha and he goes from strength to strength, finishing strong.

    Having a clear vision for your life will keep you focused, determined and I’m convinced will keep you from getting yourself stuck in a pity-party rut.

    • Thank you for sharing Jamie,
      this is such a great story of what vision can do to a person. It helps people go from where they currently are to a better future. Thank you for sharing.

  3. True Vision comes from God. Scripture teaches that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart. It is interpreted that the desires of our will be given by the Lord if we delight on Him and His word.