5 Main Areas of Influence (Chapter Excerpt)

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To celebrate the release of the audio version of The Leadership Mandate here is an excerpt from the book:

Thinking about your everyday life will reveal that you influence and impact people on a daily basis. Take a minute to reflect on your average day and you will see the different areas and degrees of influence you have. In my studies and experience I have found 5 main areas of influence. They include: family, work, relationships, online, and regional. These areas are places where you already influence, can start to influence, or have the ability to increase your influence.

There is value and benefits to having influence in each of the 5 areas. Let’s discuss the importance and how to better influence people in each of the main areas.

1. Family-

The most important area of influence is in the area of your family and home. You have to be able to positively influence those who are in your immediate and extended family. This starts with the people in your household like a spouse or children, followed by extended family members. When you positively influence your family and household, the other areas of your life will function in a more positive manner. This happens when you have a healthy and thriving home life.

To better influence those in this area, make sure your family is your top priority. The influence you have starts at home, so choose to serve, show unconditional love, invest quality time, and bring out the best in your family.

2. Work-

Most people spend the majority of the day at work. This provides you with the opportunity to begin or increase your levels of influence. Anyone has the potential to influence subordinates, colleagues, direct managers, and upper management. This allows you to become a 360 degree influencer within your current job position. Gaining influence at work allows you to achieve your career aspirations.

The foundation of influencing those you work with is to put your best effort into your current job roles and responsibilities. When you deliver a standard of excellence, others in the organization will soon notice, this potentially leads to an increase of influence and reaping the rewards of your efforts (We will further discuss this topic in chapter 10).

3. Relationship-

You’re capable of influencing your friends and acquaintances. The day to day interactions and encounters you have provide the chance to influence those around you. The relationships you have also require knowing who you should regularly associate with and those you need to disconnect from, as all relationships are not created equally. Having strong relationships allow you to live a fulfilled life.

Influence in the area of your relationships begins when you set the example of leadership. Be a person who constantly builds and maintains your personal relationships by serving, caring for, adding value, and helping those around you.

4. Online-

The internet is a powerful area of influence. In today’s internet driven society, everyone does or has the opportunity to influence people online through social media, a blog, or e-business. Anyone can use the internet to gain influence and achieve success. The internet provides a person with almost unlimited potential to influence other people.

To effectively influence those online, you need to be deliberate about what you share on the internet, while being intentional about building an online platform. You can accomplish this by sharing your knowledge, craft, and experiences through a blog, website, or on social media. Influencing others online can place you in a position where your personal dreams can be achieved.

5. Regional-

You have the ability to influence and impact your state, city, and neighborhood. This area is crucial when it comes to having a sustainable and flourishing region. Playing a role (no matter the size of that role) to influence your region can greatly impact those in your geographic location. It also has the potential to extend to different parts of the state, or world.

Influencing your region comes through involvement. Being involved is about actively engaging in your local community. A practical way to begin to influence your community is to volunteer at a church, non-profit organization, or to be involved in a good cause. Or, you can be the catalyst in starting or changing something which will lead to stronger and more united regions and neighborhoods.

Question: Which of these areas can you begin or increase your influence within?

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18 thoughts on “5 Main Areas of Influence (Chapter Excerpt)

  1. Great article Dan. I think that we sometimes forget that the most important place to share our influence and leadership is in our homes. As Christian men, God has given us the assignment of being the leaders of our family. Therefore, our leadership and influence should start with our wife and children. We should all ask ourselves, “Am I being a positive influence and a good leader at home?” before we worry about being a good leader and positive influence in the world. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great reminder just how contagious our emotions can be for those brief encounters we have each day. Just two minutes in the grocery line, a smile and a few kind words to the cashier/checker can work it’s way down the line long after we leave the store. Or, we can give an attitude to the person because of the long wait we had – and allow that attitude to trickle down the line. We have the choice to bring something positive to the day. Think of the energy we create with our choices that last long after we leave.

    Great post, Dan!

    • Great examples and how we can use your words in a positive way. Leaders can set the example wherever they are at, even at the store:) Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  3. As I get older the more I realize the priorities of family. The influence spent there pays dividends into the lives of the ones that our Father intended for us to. Good reminder, thanks, Dan!

  4. Great post Dan. As a dad of three the biggest area of influence that I want to focus on is at home. I desire to be a husband and father that has a positive influence in there lives.

    • When we focus on our home (kids) we are able to position them toward a better life and future. When we positively influence our house, the impact can be huge. Thank you for leaving a great comment.

  5. My family is my most important priority- no matter what else is on my “to do” list. There are things that are important, but nothing should take the place of my family (I include God in my family as He is the head and my Father).
    God has intrusted me with a wonderful child, that’s the area of influence I must focus my time, resources and energy, because if I don’t, someone else will.

    • Your focusing on the right areas, family (God included) is the most important area we can focus on. Love your last statement, so true. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I was watching a short John Maxwell video last night. He was speaking about how we have to chose to be a positive influence each day. If not, we will be affected by whatever comes our way.

    I need to make a more concerted effort to be an influence at work. Working in an IT environment most of my work is sitting at the computer screen. I need to do a better job of connecting with others – something more than just a simple hello as I pass someone in the hall.

  7. I can always learn more ways to influence in all those relationships. I am still surprised when someone tells me I have influence them for the good. When they tell me that, I just say, you must have seen Jesus in me because I know exactly how weak my flesh is, and understand how that weakness can be a tool to destroy others. I have the choice to make or break others and that knowledge will keep me from doing so. The people who influenced me the most were those who were about others, their world did not revolve around them. I love being with people like that and want others to love to be with me. Even when I have to say hard things to others I must at all cost give some positive out too. If my words leave someone without hope then I have failed to be a Godly influence. Great post Dan.

    • That’s one of the best rewards of leadership, someone telling you that your influence has positively impacted them. It’s a great way to show Jesus, through our good example. Thank you for reading and taking the time to add to the discussion.