Receive 7 Bonuses when you Buy the Audio Version of The Leadership Mandate Between May 13th-17th

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Today is the official release of the audio version of The Leadership Mandate. My desire is to provide resources that will help you lead to your maximum potential. I believer no matter where you are at in your leadership journey: newly appointed leader, seasoned leader, or have a desire to become a leader. My book will help you learn or remember the foundational elements of leadership. Here are what people are saying about the book:

“If you want to catapult your leadership skills to heights that they have never been before, you will do well by purchasing this book. Dan’s book will help you develop the leader within you and will perpetuate you in developing people into leaders, around you.” ~Author Bogdan Kipko

“Dan Black has a message we need to hear: We are all leaders and we can become better leaders. More than that, Dan provides specific areas to focus on and a way to improve each area of our leadership impact. This is a concise guide to leadership and helpful, no matter where you are in your leadership journey. Use this book as a guide and a diagnostic tool to see where you are doing well and where you need to improve in your leadership.” ~Leadership Coach Alan Allard

“The Leadership Mandate will change you. It is full of great tips and action-steps, designed to help you grow as a person and to influence people around you. Dan’s writing style is clear, applicable, and filled with sound wisdom. This book comes out of Dan’s life: he lives what he writes. If you want to be a person of influence, pick up this book. You won’t regret it!” ~Author Dave Arnold

When you purchase the audio version of The Leadership Mandate between May 13th-17th through Audible, iTunes, or Amazon and send the receipt to, I will send you lifetime access to 7 special bonuses (valuing over $100 dollars).

The bonuses include:

Bonus #1

The PDF version of The Leadership Mandate.

 Bonus #2

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills? Joseph Lalonde was been generous enough to offer his coaching services for 50 % off is regular price for those who buy my book. Joseph excels at helping leaders at all levels. To view his coaching page click here.

Bonus #3

Like most of us, Ngina Otiende has gone through various seasons of change – joblessness, starting a business, relocation, loss of a loved one, leadership transitions, marriage, to name a few. But like most of us and for some portion of the seasons, I took the kicking and screaming lane. Navigating Change is a collection of my experiences and lessons in this journey.

Bonus #4

Vision Impact! by Bernard Haynes shows you: How to Realize Your Vision, Implement Your Plan and Impact Your World, contains forty-two short, easy to read inspiring messages that present practical insight, instruction and inspiration on how to develop and implement your personal and/or family vision plan.

Bonus #5

Kimanzi Constable’s little guide will help you figure out what your dream really is. It’s not the magical cure to all your problems but it will help you figure out where to start. There are exercises, lessons and a bunch of content that will help you narrow things down and finally crack the code to your dreams.

Bonus #6

Ernie Wenk wrote this booklet for people who have just been promoted into a supervisor position or who are thinking about going into management. You will learn fundamentals that allow you to successfully supervise other people.

Bonus #7

Collaboratively written by Jared Latigo, Kimanzi Constable, Mike Vardy, and Dan Black this book will help you increase your influence and achieve great things by using your online platform. The authors help you turn your struggling blog into an empire.

Make sure you buy the book through Audible, iTunes, or Amazon then email the receipt to between May 13th-17th (Can you please Tweet that by clicking here? Thank you)

Click here to purchase the audio book through Audible.

Click here to purchase the audio book through Amazon.

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18 thoughts on “Receive 7 Bonuses when you Buy the Audio Version of The Leadership Mandate Between May 13th-17th

  1. Looks like a great promotion, Dan. I’d like to chat sometime as I’m interested in how well these types of promotions work.

  2. Congratulations Dan! Great idea to give a bonus to your readers! Congratulations on the book, saw you had some amazing reviews! I’m happy for the success you’ve been having. It’s inspiring me to continue writing my little book :).

    • Hey Dragos (sorry about the late reply),

      Thank you:) I’m glad to provide another way people can read my book. If you ever want to chat about your book, I’d be glad to talk. Let me know.

      • No worries, these comments don’t disappear :) haha

        I’ve written a little bit, but it’s about slow progress. I’m not going to write when I don’t feel like it as I feel that it is forced. When the book is done, I look forward to talking to you about it and sharing it with you.

        Thanks again Dan!
        Wish you success on your books (and future ones)

        • Thank you for understanding, that’s right, they don;t:)

          I hear you, I’m working on a second book which is the same way. It’s taking longer than expected but I know it will eventually get done. Slow and steady, right?:)

          Thank you for your support.