Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 3)

Leadership Wisdom

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This series is all about the knowledge, thoughts, and wisdom from those who comment on my blog. So far we have read comments from:

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Here is more leadership wisdom from my readers:

Joe Lalonde from JosephLalonde.com

“One of the major steps I took was to begin sharing the information I was learning. I discovered it was one of the best ways to remember the information and to begin implementing it into my life. Once I began doing that, I really began to grow.”

“I’ve believed that churches need to follow business practices to be successful, after all God did bless us with the intelligence to create the business practices. But there’s also the part where God has used all sorts of unqualified people and unorthodox ways to bring about His will.”

“Teach others… As we invest in others, we have to push ourselves forward so that we can help those we’re investing. This encourages us to stay one step ahead, at least.”

“I’ve found lunch time to be an excellent time to pursue and implement personal growth. You’ve got anywhere from half an hour to an hour to yourself (most of the time). Why not use it to grow yourself?”

Steve Bloom from Do Something Cool

“We live in the information age. We can’t just sit and absorb information, we have to twist and change it into useful applications. That means thinking through things and finding the right solutions. I think if you’re a leader now, you have to also be a thinker. You can’t separate the two anymore. You could say that bad leaders don’t think at all.”

“What else is confidence except taking action and seeing what you’re capable of doing? Let me put it another way, before you take action all your planning takes place in your head. You may know what you want to do and have it all planned out, but it doesn’t do you any good there. It’s only when you take it out and take action on it that you can actually build confidence. It’s when you’ve actually done something when you can feel confident about it.”

“I think it’s such a good idea to try and strike a balance in your life. We have so many commitments and responsibilities to do and any one of them can overwhelm us. I try to balance everything in my life by simplifying things. It gets harder the more complex life becomes. When you have less things to keep track of and make complex things a little more straightforward, balancing them just gets a little easier.”

Alan Allard from AlanAllard.com

“Many of us need to redefine creativity and realize we are all creative. If we don’t view ourselves as a creative person, we stifle our creativity. Every sentence we formulate in our mind and speak or write is a creative act. We are creative each time we dress ourselves or choose what to eat for breakfast…the list of how we are all creative is endless. Recognizing and embracing how creative we are will nurture and grow our ability to be even more creative. Dismissing our creativity diminishes our creativity.”

“The more we grow in our leadership capacity, the more we are given challenging, interesting and rewarding “problems.” In addition, the more clarity we have about our strengths and passions and live them, the more energy we have. Too many of us aren’t making a living from a combination of our strengths and passions; we know that but don’t have a plan to eventually get there. Even if it took two years (or more), acting on our plan creates incredible energy during the journey.”

“In terms of adding value, I often remind my clients that they must make sure they know what their manager’s priorities are (check in with him or her at least every quarter) and focus on those priorities. Also, keep in mind that you have to be visible to senior management or it doesn’t matter one bit how much value you add. You cannot count on your boss to do your “marketing’ for you. That means learning your company culture and tapping into the formal and informal politics of the company. Otherwise, you will be on the outside and out of mind when it comes to significant raises, opportunities and promotions.”

Questions: Which of the above comments did you enjoy the most? Would you add anything to what the authors of the comments said?

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24 thoughts on “Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 3)

  1. I like that comment from Joe about sharing information that you are learning. I’ve really been thinking about this a lot lately. Because of how my current job is, I listen to 30-40 podcasts a week. I’m not able to take action right away, but I’m trying to work on ways to take all that content to be able to re-purpose and use it. One project I’m working on should help to re-purpose a lot of it. Can’t wait to start rolling this out in a couple weeks.

    • Hello Joshua,

      That’s great! Learning then putting into action is so essential. I’m looking forward to hearing about what you are working on:)

  2. The idea of sharing information is a powerful one. We can take in a ton of information, but what does it really mean if there’s no flowing out? Finding balance is another strong point from one of the quotes. This is such a key in every area of life, and I think people just overlook it most of the time. They wonder why they struggle and forget how much they need balance. I also liked the point about creativity. We were created by a creative being to be creative. And creativity shows itself in uncountable ways. My engineer husband is creative in amazing ways that differ greatly from my writer self. Appreciating others creativity is important, but so is appreciating and embracing our own. Lots of great quote here, most of which could be posts of their own!

  3. Good comments. The one that stuck out to me was Alan’s on being creative, even one sentence proves we all are creative. Simple wisdom; the best kind.

  4. My first pick would be Alan’s comment on being creative. It is only in the past few years that I have begun to see myself as creative. I wish I could have figured that one out sooner. –

    I also liked Steve’s comment on balance. We often work hard to make life complicated. We need to discover that less really is more.

  5. Looking forward to your audio book release. I’d be interested to hear how the process went in getting your book into that format.

  6. I absolutely Love Joes comment about the Church following Business practices to be successful. I think he hit the nail on the head with that one. Exceptional information.