Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 2)

Leadership Wisdom

We read the leadership wisdom from David Sparks, Caleb Suko, Chris Peek, and Clint Pagan in part 1 of this series. Here are 3 more people who have shared their knowledge and wisdom in the comment section of my blog. Enjoy,

Floyd Samson from theregoi.com

“When a leader owns the responsibility of the ones they are leading and it is an honor more than a weight; I think that wisdom from above will bring success.”

“All of us have insecurities to some extent. I think this, like other things, in part can be a worked on habit, but it starts with a moral compass within based on Biblical principles. The people that want to get rid of the people they see who have potential or natural leadership qualities are the ones who always fail. Interestingly those same people who always fail never change… The change is God Himself that allows us to live above the instincts of an animal… Only true wisdom is heaven sent.”

“I’d say that balancing risk is another one. Having wisdom to know how and when to push yet not betting the farm… It’s a fine line between business and gambling.”

“When I hear people talking about their dreams and business desires I thought they were really going to do things. Turns out most of them were just talking. Don’t get me wrong, it was what made them happy, but nothing adds up toward a goal faster than action…”

Dr. Hiten Vyas from hiltenvyas.com

“I would like to add one more point about spending regular time visualizing vividly what it will be like when we have achieved our personal growth plan. This will help to send the right messages to our body to take action.”

“Our positive attitude rubs off on others and it helps us to get people to support us in doing what we want. By being positive, cheerful and friendly, it makes us likable, which again increases our potential to influence.”

“I think when leadership practices are used just for material and selfish gain, there is no opportunity to develop spiritually and if anything, one will just suffer even more in the long term. It’s better to do what you say, and study and internalize spiritual ideas and concepts as a priority and where possible apply these to our business lives.”

“One point I would like to add, which is related to what you wrote about hard work is developing an attitude of abundance. When one develops a mind-set that the world has so much to offer, then naturally one begins to see opportunities everywhere.”

Zechariah Newman from ZechariahNewman.com

“The other thing that I would add is writing. Blog posting helps me to grow by constantly looking at what I have just learned.”

“One of the things anyone can do today is to change their perspective. Look at your job differently. It may not look as if your strengths are not being utilized but look for the connecting factors. For example one of my main operational gifting is restoration. What does this have to do with owning pizza restaurants? Well I can restore my team mates self image, make food to let family gather and spend time together ext. I use to not see this but my perspective was flipped on its head one day.”

“With my businesses I want my crew to want to work hard for me and to stay around lowering turnover. Speaking positive things into there lives accomplishes this. It is amazing how many people are told they are worthless and good for nothing. It is amazing to watch them grow in a positive environment. My favorite part of leading is showing people there potential.”

“Out of this list I struggle the most with micro managing my team. When I opened my second location six years ago I got burnt out due to micro managing and instead of delegating properly I said fine and gave away everything with horrible communication and I never inspected what I expected. This cost me thousands of dollars. Now slowly but surely this has become a better skill for me. My business has grown and I have no doubt it is because of the law of the lid. If we as leaders micro manage our business or church will never grow it to its fullest.”

Questions: Which of the above comments did you enjoy the most? Would you add anything to what the authors of the comments said?


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  • I enjoyed the comments, Dan. The things that hit me the most was about the “abundance” attitude and our perspectives. It all starts inside our minds. A good reminder. Great quotes. And thanks for sharing mine as well, I’d forgotten about those.

    • Thank you for being a committed member of this community:) I appreciate you.

  • Thanks Dan. Good stuff!

    • Glad to share some of your wisdom with others, thank you for always commenting.

  • DS

    This is a fun series Dan. It’s great to see these nuggets get exposure to add value to us. I don’t think I’ve seen Dr. Hitens responses before – but I really enjoyed his “abundance mentality”. What a great thought process!

    • I’ve enjoyed reading/rereading these comments:) He use to share more and now he does every once in a while. He has some wise thoughts. Thank you for reading the post.

  • I love Floyd’s comments about talk and action! It’s so true! We see this in our government too with lots and lots of great talk but sadly very little action!

    • Great point, action is key! Thank you for sharing.

  • All these are great! So much wisdom. Thanks for sharing. I can’t pick one, but I will say one that really stood out was Floyd’s comment about it being an honor to lead, not a weight we must endure. I think we can forget that people trust leaders. It’s an honor that they trust us and look up to us, we mustn’t forget that. They could easily look to someone else to lead them, but they chose us. That is a weight, but it’s also a privileged.

    • Trust is huge when it comes to leadership! Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  • Good comments by Hiten in particular. :)

    • I agree:) He has shared some golden nuggets of wisdom.

  • Hi Dan,

    What can I say my friend! I got a ping over on Twitter, came over to your article and noticed the comments you included in your post. I’m truly honoured that you shared my thoughts on your wonderful blog, which for me is one of the very best out there in leadership. I hope you’re well, Dan. It’s been a long while. My priorities have changed over the past few months and I’ve been concentrating on a new site dedicated to eBooks. I apologise for my absence and
    will make more effort to come over to your blog. Wishing you the very best, Dan.

    • Hello Hiten,

      I’m honored to feature a few of your past comments on this post. Your truly a wise man with a lot to share! Thank you for the complement and your friendship. I’ll have to check out your new site, what’s the URL?

  • Great thoughts by great people, Dan, I love this one by Floyd, the one talking about dreams and action. I smiled because I believe what people say..not just dreams and business, but when they give their word to do something. Been a long learning curve for me, not getting exasperated when actions fail to follow! :)

    • I agree Ngina:) Taking action on our dreams is essential! It’s what separates the successful from the unsuccessful people. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts.

  • Thanks, Dan. It was fun to read these other viewpoints. I like Floyd’s quote, “Nothing adds up toward a goal faster than action.”

    • I like that statement as well:) It’s so good I had to Tweet it. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • This is a great series Dan. Zech is my hero :)

    • I’m glad you enjoy it. Yes, @zechnewman:disqus is a great man!!!

  • I enjoyed all three. They bring their unique perspective and experiences that empowers the reader.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the wisdom here. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • This is some great content and great comments posted on the Blog. I read the perspective of all the posters involved and all these guys are doing great things and Leading by example. Great and awesome comments that Inspire us to greatness.

    • Yes, they are great comments! It’s amazing how much knowledge, insights, and wisdom come through the different comments posted (not just on my blog but others, like your blog).

      • Your blog posts are always educating Dan.

        • It sure does:) A lot of wise people. Thank you for being one of them:)

  • Thanks for sharing, Dan, and enjoyed your thoughts here, Hiten. Super awesome way to feature your readers in a blog post this way, Dan. Hiten’s thoughts on the power of spirituality in leadership really hit home. Spirituality allows us to grow more, connect with ourselves and our Creator and share our abundance with others – which is really what leadership is all about.

    • I also really enjoyed reading (re-reading) his thoughts! It’s going to be a long series because I’m going to share some comments from everyone who has commented on my blog:) Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.