Questions To Ask The Person In The Mirror

Last week I posted about The Hardest Part About Being A Leader, which is being able to lead and manage yourself well. Being able to lead and manage yourself requires looking into the mirror and asking yourself key questions. Here are some questions you should ask yourself,

The question of  vision and priorities– A leader needs to be able to ask themselves if their priorities are aligned with their vision of the future? It is important to remember a leader’s vision and priorities will determine where they go.

The question of feedback– Do you give proper/timely feedback and can you receive it? This is needed for growth, improvement, and change. Feedback is needed for both a leader and teams.

The question of leading under pressure– Being able to handle pressure is key for leading. This takes being aware of the situations or things which cause you stress or pressure. The question leader’s needs to ask themselves is what situations cause the most pressure and how can they best handle them?

The question of Staying true to yourself– This is all about knowing yourself and being true to your core values and beliefs. The question leader’s need to ask themselves is if they are staying true to themselves?

If you desire to become better then asking yourself the above questions is key. Leading others first starts with being able to lead and manage yourself. Remember this, “Leader’s will be more successful if they possess self awareness, self image, self honesty, and self improvement skills.” This is all about asking the right questions to the person in the mirror.

Question: What questions do you ask yourself?

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  • These are good questions Dan. One I ask myself often is “do you have what it takes?” Some days I say yes. Some days I say no so get out. Fortunately, I have more yes days. :)

    • Anonymous

      Great question to ask yourself. Thank you for sharing.