Leadership Wisdom from My Readers (Pt. 1)

Leadership Wisdom

During my years of posting content on my blog I’ve received hundreds of comments. The comments (written by amazing people) bring fresh insights and new thoughts, offer a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and enhance the topic being discussed. In this series my goal is to share with you leadership wisdom from my readers (You). I hope you learn and your level of thinking increases as a result of reading these different comments. I know it has for me. Here are the first 4 people’s comments:

David Sparks from SparkVoice

“Reading and writing during those down times are the ones I use the most. These are can definitely be great ways to regain some of your lost time.”

“It’s amazing the impact attitude and thoughts can have on our lives. We often overlook the importance and values of “self-talk”. I try to have positive self-talk, as well as acknowledge others for a job well done.”

“What I like about this is pre-determining your choice/actions. While younger this was so important, because I was unaware what life would send my way. I found when I encountered situations I had already thought about and made conscious decision in advance, I was better prepared to make good decisions.”

“We are directly influenced by those around us – good or bad. In the Compound Effect, Darren Hardy makes this point in an excellent way using an illustration of three people. One person grows, one stays the same, and another regresses. Small things add up and become enormous things later.”

Caleb Suko from SukoFamily

“I often have to deal with the fear of wondering what will people say or think about me after I preach. Sometimes this type of a fear can cause me to pull back and do less, sometimes it stalls my preparations and sometimes it can get me down after the fact. I found that the best solution is to stop worrying so much about what people say and think and worry instead about what God says and thinks, that gets rid of the fear every time!”

“If I were to add anything I think it would have to be an insatiable appetite for personal growth! The best leaders I know are constantly looking for ways to grow themselves, whether it’s through reading, relationships or even physical exercise!”

“I think it’s impossible to become a competent leader without building a lot of good relationships along the way. Those relationships would also be a great reward!”

Chris Peek from Trail Reflections 

“In order to break free from the past, we must change our input and the voice inside our own head. We are prone to relive the past by playing tape recorders of our past failures. It’s a process that involves prayer, reading and listening to inspirational material, seeking wise counsel, and venturing out of our comfort zone.”

“I was recently promoted to a position of leadership at work. One thing I quickly recognized was how much I still need to grow and learn. And it’s so important to listen to those around you. Followers want to add value and know that they are being heard.”

“Along with humility, leaders admit that they don’t have all the answers. They aren’t afraid to ask questions and get feedback from those around them. Leaders surround themselves with people who are more talented and/or have more expertise.”

Clint Pagan from Lead Forward 

“Exercise plays a huge role in our energy level. Not sure if you knew, but 15 minutes of cardio a day is said to decrease depression by 75%. I think we all agree that an active life equals a more productive life. For me, energy comes from accomplishment. If I can accomplish a task on my agenda, it seems to boost my energy to a new level and I am able to complete other tasks.”

“I really put a lot of value in the relational aspect. My relationships are what build character, not only in myself, but in my family and team. My relationship with God, my family, and my team are all important, but balancing them like you said has, to be intentional.”

“I believe for me, influence in the workplace begins with courage. I would sometimes find myself lacking the words to say and in ability to step into a conversation at the right time because I lacked courage and confidence. When I was confident, I had the right words, jokes, and influential knowledge to help my co-workers.”

Questions: Which of the above comments did you enjoy the most? Would you add anything to what the authors of the comments said?

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • DS

    Wow Dan – totally humbled by being included in your post. I appreciate your posts and the community of comment-makers here on your blog. Thank you for the inclusion, as well as the opportunity to sharpen one another as we grow, mature, and impact lives.

    • Glad to share your comments of wisdom. Thank you for being such an engaged reader and commenter of this blog:)

  • Very difficult to pick a favorite from these comments. All of them have such tremendous depth and value for discussion. One topic that both Chris and David mention is on our self-talk. What happens in our thought lives. This is big. The more we hone and shape this area of our lives. The more success and impact we will see. Could go on and on about this and other topics fom these comments.

    • Exactly Kari. Both our daily moods and our ability to pursue long-term goals are often a direct reflection of that one simple thing – self-talk.

      • So true, Chris. This is a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I think there are some details that could be shared that could really be helpful to a lot of people. I know it’s talked about in psychology, but how much is it shared in a real-life applicable kind of way?

        • Probably not enough, considering the amount of depression that exists in modern culture.

          • I know it was a huge key for me in overcoming depression.

    • DS

      It’s amazing how much we talk to ourselves, and how much it’s based upon what we feed our minds. Thanks Kari!

  • I liked all of them! They say so much about the people and where they’re at in their lives, which helps the reader access themselves. Great quotes!

    • I totally agree, I seem to grow and learn something new every time I read through the comments. Thank you for always adding your wisdom on this blog.

  • Great idea Dan. A lot of cool comments and I wont play favorites.

    • I totally understand:) Thank you for reading them.

  • So many good thoughts in this post … how do I pick just one? I loved Chris’s thoughts about continuing to learn and grow. It’s so important to be around people who are further along the journey than you. If you don’t feel like you’re in over your head a bit, you’re not pushing yourself enough.

    • Thanks for the shout out, Kent. You’ve provided an excellent measuring stick – “being in over your head a bit.” How often do we just want to coast along “easy street”?

      • Well, I feel like doing that most days, but it doesn’t really get you anywhere… lol

  • Reading my comments was interesting, I must have written that first one some time ago. I just found out this morning that my dad, who is the pastor of our home church may be coming down with a bad cold, which means that I’ll need to speak on Easter morning. I wasn’t planning on that, I’ll have to not worry about it and just concentrate on doing my best for God!

    • Yes, I think that one was from the middle of last year. That’s a huge opportunity for you, I know your going to do amazing since you will be focusing on God and not people. Let me know how it goes:)

  • This is a really unique post, Dan. I am honored that you would include some of my comments in your list.

    • Glad to share your wisdom and thoughts here:) Looking through the different people who comment on my blog through the years, this is going to be a long series:)

  • I really liked what Clint said about relationships build character in self and others.
    We should never underestimate the importance of relationships. Taking an extra 5 min now to invest in building a relationship (whether it’s with God, spouse, kids, co-workers, so on) can make a HUGE difference down the road.

    • Me too, Clint shared a powerful and wise statement. Thank you for always adding your wisdom and thoughts on my blog:)

  • I liked David’s comment about attitude and self-talk. And Clint’s comment about relationships. I’m a big advocate of forming relationships and how important they are.

    • Those are great comments! It’s all about relationships, thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Chris’s not on humility and admitting you don’t have all the answers is spot on. Awesome that you’re bringing readers to the forefrontt in this post.

    • I totally agree! He shared some wise thoughts with us. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dan Erickson

    As I’m less inclined to be a driven leader, I think I’d pick the quotes about reading and exercise as they are essential activities for all.

    • Those are good ones:) Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  • These were all so great that it’s hard to pick just one! I related most to Caleb’s comments as I have felt the same worries with blogging. It’s been two years now of steady blogging and it’s getting much easier, thankfully!

    • I know how you feel:) Your doing a great job with blogging!

      • Thanks, Dan. I haven’t been blogging much the last few months because I needed to get a project out, but I’m hoping to get into it now again.

        • I’ve been cutting back as well to focus more time on my next book:) Have a great rest of the day!

          • That’s great, Dan. I didn’t know you were working on another book. I’ll look forward to it!

            • Thank you for your support. It can be hard to balance work, family, blogging while writing a book. But I’m making progress:)

              • I can imagine! But slow and steady wins the race. :) A bunch of little bits of time spent writing eventually adds up to a book. :)

                • That’s a principle I’ve had to keep on my mind. Are you able to share about the project you are needing to get out( Is it the 30 Day Weight Loss Guide) or a different one?

                  • It was Freedom from Emotional Eating. I published it in 2008 but just ran out of books a couple of months ago so I thought I might as well edit it since I had to re-publish it anyway. I didn’t know it would take so much work though – it’s hard to edit a book you wrote six years ago! My writing style has changed a lot. Just got it back on the market again this week. Yay!

                    • I’m sure that was a huge project:) It’s amazing how much more we can add and edit to a writing project several years after writing it. Great work!

  • Caleb has some outstanding comments, in particular his comments about leaders always graowing – not just in one area of life, but many. There is something inspiring, and contageous about that trait!

    • I agree, that was a great and essential point. Thank you for stopping by to share.