What I’ve Learned about Leadership and Life in my 30 Years

Tomorrow (Wednesday March 26th) is my 30th birthday! Below are 15 leadership and 15 life lessons I’ve learned alone my journey. Enjoy:


  1. Everyone is a leader because everyone has influence on some capacity.
  2. Leading yourself is the most important person you can lead.
  3. Leading through a good example is the best way to lead.
  4. Your life purpose will excel you toward your potential.
  5. Servant-leadership always reaps a good return.
  6. A leader should strive to add value by training, equipping, encouraging, and building strong relationships with those they lead.
  7. Passion fuels the leader and the team.
  8. Taking time to think raises you above the average leader.
  9. Self-motivation and nourishment are crucial for a leader.
  10. A big vision guides a team toward a better tomorrow.
  11. Being able to effectively communicate is an essential skill.
  12. A leader’s legacy is created through their daily actions.
  13. Leaders must be able to influence and manage those they lead.
  14. Your skills and talents allow you to be an effective leader.
  15. Great leaders consistently deliver results.


  1. Family time is essential and valuable to the well-being of your life and those you love the most.
  2. Connecting, networking, and building friendships are an investment worth making.
  3. We should be good stewards of our life by striving to live a balanced life.
  4. Your inward life will either positively or negatively impact every area of your life.
  5. A positive and optimistic attitude really matters.
  6. You have the potential to achieve more than you think.
  7. Personal growth and development are a crucial habit to form.
  8. Perseverance and hard work pays huge dividends.
  9. A relationship with God brings purpose, fulfillment, and peace into a person’s life.
  10. Time is one of the most valuable assists.
  11. Learning through failure leads to success.
  12. Small and daily progress leads to huge results.
  13. Wisdom is priceless.
  14. Your actions are a choice and your choices make you.
  15. It takes time and effort to move toward your potential and achieve lasting success.

Question: What leadership and life lessons have you learned along your life journey?

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50 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned about Leadership and Life in my 30 Years

  1. These have all the hallmarks of another book 😉
    Happy (albeit early) birthday!
    #9 on your “Life” list is one of the best decisions a person can make. Not only will it do as you listed, but it will also grant you perspective on what really matters in your life.

  2. Great lists and wisdom. God’s hand is upon you.

    One thing I’ve learned in my life is to not underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word or a loving touch. Those seem so simple, but they have profound results in peoples lives.

    Also, I keep learning that things I worry about the most are the things I trust God with the least. Really helps put it all in perspective when I view it that way.

    Blessings my friend and happy Birthday.

  3. Happy birthday Dan! Jesus started his public ministry when he was 30 so I’m praying this year will be the beginning of something great for you! Blessings!

  4. Exciting to see someone who has gotten these principles in his spirit already… I wasn’t even close to that at your age, and I’m in many ways still not over 10 years later. Keep going, Dan! You’re an inspiration to many.

  5. I’ve learned some of the same things you have, Dan. Just not as quickly! Happy Birthday, brother! Hope God continues to bless you and your family in all ways.

  6. Great points. I especially liked number 13 about wisdom. That’s an important one. Something I’ve learned is that how you react to what’s going on around you is often more important that what’s actually happening.

  7. Great list Dan. You are wise beyond your years. Happy 30th birthday my friend. While reading your list here, what came to mind is that it takes intention to pursue a life like you describe above. It doesn’t just happen by accident.

  8. # 2 & 3 are massively important. #3 is so important that I wrote a post about it on your site! 😀

    Here’s a life lesson I learned today:
    — Leave something fun/interesting undone for tomorrow so that you have something to look forward to when you go to bed!

    • Those are essential elements to know and adapt! Great addition, it’s allows us to always be inspired and motivated for the day. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  9. I love this one Dan “A leader’s legacy is created through their daily actions.” Can’t emphasize enough the importance of daily choices..its what adds up over time and creates a life and a legacy. Great lessons, you have learned!

  10. Happy birthday, Dan! I won’t make a wisecrack about how old you’re getting since I’m almost 2 decades ahead of you.

    I’ve learned what you believe in is evidenced by how you live, not just by what you say.

    • Thank you Kent:) Ha, I appreciate that, I’ve had a lot of friends comment on how old I’m getting. Age equals wisdom right:) Thank you for adding your wisdom here.

  11. Hope you had a great one Dan. #13 about wisdom being priceless resonates quite a bit and the reason why this is a priceless post – quite a wisdom filled message. #9 is really the most important message of all. If you picked up this much wisdom in your first 30 years, can’t imagine what’s coming up next for you. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy 30th. You’re way ahead of where I was at 30. I’d just quit drinking beer and taking bong hits as self therapy to deal with my childhood in a cult. I went back to college at 30 and have learned much since. One thing I’ve learned is #1 on your “life” list. We need to put our family, including our own health first.

    • Thank you Dan:) I’ve still made a lot of dumb mistakes along the way, I’m defiantly not perfect. That’s an essential one. Glad to read your thoughts.