Creating An Environment To Write

Successful writer’s know the importance of creating an environment which allows for maximum productivity.  They have systems which produce focus and results. If you desire to be an effective writer, then the environment you create matters. Here are 5 ways to help you create and have an effective writing environment,

1. Play music– Music stirs your emotions and stimulates your mind. Which can motivate and spark a desire to write. I have found having music in the background helps while writing. Try playing music the next time you write and see if it helps.

2. Work Area– The area you write at should be clear of unnecessary clutter or anything which might distract you from writing. Having a clean and designated work area is essential for being focused while writing. This might require you to clean and organize before writing.

3. Have resources near you– When writing, drafting, or thinking I always have resources handy. Most of the time I have a few books on the topic I’m focusing on, a bible, dictionary, my thought and note journal, paper, and a pen. These are things which allow me to maximize my study and writing time. Make sure to have resources around you while writing  (This also helps with writer’s block).

4. Drink– I’m not talking about alcohol. But I am talking about coffee, an energy drink, water, or something with caffeine or sugar. This helps spark some energy and focus while writing.

5. Separate from distractions– Make sure you are separated from distractions. Which include anything that might cause you to lose focus. (This might include the internet so the best thing you might do is to use paper and a pen). Make the effort to be in an area away from potential distractions.

These 5 things have really helped me create an environment which allows me to have the maximum writing results.

Question: What are some things that allows you to be focused and see results while writing?    

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4 thoughts on “Creating An Environment To Write

  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I think I have to work on the distractions. But I have found that setting a time each day to write a little has also helped me greatly. Any by that mean, time on my calendar that so I don’t schedule something in it’s place.

    • Thank you Tim for reading and commenting. Having writing time on a calendar and guarding that time is key. Great point.

  2. You lost me at “clean and organize.” hahah Great post, Dan. A lot of good stuff here. My wife and I are working to reorganize our office a little. She desperately needs it for her photography business and I need it for writing. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

    • That’s funny Stan. Having a organized office is important. I beleive it will help both of you stay focused. Thank you for sharing.