How to Thrive in Life and Leadership (My guest post)

[My good friend and author Dave Arnold recently welcomed a new child into his family. He asked me to feature one of my past posts on his blog. I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to read the post and connect with Dave (You can get his ebook Made To Soar, A Simple Manifesto On Destiny when you subscribe to his blog). Below is the first part of the post but you will have to go to his site to read the rest.]

Each of us have been through or will go through a variety of seasons in our life. Some seasons are good while others are hard or difficult. If we want to move through and excel in the different seasons of life it requires self-leadership and the ability to nourish ourselves.

Nourishment can be defined as the “substance necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” I discovered several nourishment centers that if implemented into your life produce magnificent benefits. These centers will:

Produce and keep you fueled and energized.
Allow you to sustain and move through a crisis, difficult seasons, or demanding periods.
Be the catalyst and needed jump start for getting out of a rut and moving you forward.
Allow you to move through and excel in the different seasons of life and leadership.

Below are 2 of the nourishment centers that will help you thrive in life and your areas of influence:

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