Feeling Accomplished Every Single Day – 6 Creative Tips To Help You Make It Happen

[This is a post by Omar Negron who is the Co-Creator of www.PixPirations.com. A site created to share “Images That Inspire” all across the web. If you need some extra motivation and inspiration feel free to visit his site. You can also connect with them on Twitter.]

You’re not alone in feeling like you haven’t done enough when you look back on your day before going to bed. If you feel like this every day, you’re putting yourself at risk of being depressed for a long time. There are certain things that you can do to ensure that you will feel as though you’ve had a quality day.

1. Prioritize what you need to do every day

Start your day by asking what things have to be completed first. It’s quite common to make long to-do lists that include things that don’t really contribute to accomplishing your weekly or monthly goals. Make sure your daily list is made of relevant tasks. A short checklist of the most important things would be easier to complete. It’s easier to feel accomplished every time you see a task crossed off your list. Bathe in that feeling for a minute. Stretch, refill your cup of coffee or get a snack to celebrate. This will reinvigorate you as you’re about to start another task.

2. Be realistic

Don’t overload your days thinking that you can do so much where you overwhelm yourself. While it’s good to always be ambitious, don’t overdo it and balance it with reality. Ask yourself how many tasks you can get done to feel good. If you have major tasks at hand, plan just two of them for a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But you can look at three to four smaller tasks to avoid feeling inundated.

3. Acknowledge your achievements and those of others

Due to how fast paced life has become, so many people seem to go about their day on autopilot. They do what they always do, but this also seems to develop the culture of failing to acknowledge even the smallest victories and celebrate them. Don’t take your accomplishments for granted. Tell your loved ones and friends about them and encourage them to tell you about their accomplishments as well. This is not being arrogant because you’re showing your willingness to share in their success also.

4. Do something you love every day

Don’t throw yourself fully into work without giving yourself a break. Take your time to enjoy a brisk walk, a fun talk with your colleagues, or a few minutes of good music. Be attentive to even the smallest yet pleasant things around you. Take the time to reward yourself because this will help you continue and remain consistent.

5. Be creative

Give yourself some time to be creative. You might be surprised at how many fun and unique ideas you have bottled up over time because your daily race to accomplish a long list of tasks to do. Aside from expressing yourself, you might feel proud of yourself for contributing something to the world. You can always start with the basics in painting, music, song writing, poetry writing and any other productive and unique activities. Feel free to challenge yourself by doing different things all the time. This will also help boost your self-esteem.

6. Be charitable

Look at the people around you who need help. While you may have problems of your own, there are always people who are suffering more than you are. Be sensitive to those who are hungry and ill. You can always help them through simple ways, such as serving in the soup kitchen, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, or teaching kids in after-school programs. Make a difference in other people’s lives and it will make a whole lot more difference in yours.

If you feel accomplished at the end of your day, this will lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. As a result, it will help you accomplish more each and every single day.

Question: Can you add to the list? How do you feel accomplished every single day?

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30 thoughts on “Feeling Accomplished Every Single Day – 6 Creative Tips To Help You Make It Happen

  1. Very practical suggestions that can be immediately applied. I feel accomplished every day by focusing on less instead of spreading my attention over too many things. There are lots of practical ways to do this, and the discipline of focus is learned. Making small changes like you suggest will add up over time to make a huge difference.

    • Indeed! All about taking small steps and being consistent. This applies to anything you want to accomplish. If you try to do too much at once you end you simply getting nothing done and the habit will not be truly establish. =-D

  2. Great stuff. I struggle with number two. I tend to be unrealistic about what I can accomplish in the short term. Thanks for the post. The other thing I would add that you mentioned in one of the points would be to have moments of still. Moments to just reflect help me. I think about what a blessed man I am. We all have more then most of the world. Have a great weekend:)

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! I’m the same way man, I think it’s the achieves inside of us:) Taking time to think and reflect is so important, thank you for adding to the topic.

    • Thanks!

      That is an awesome point bro! Definitely have to reflect and I find it amazing to do so at the end of your day to just look back at all you were able to get done for the day. Even writing it down will help to always look back from time to time and truly see how productive you have been. Another awesome habit is to be grateful every morning for a new day.

  3. Good list. Even a few chips away at the stone is better than none. And gratification is a wonderful thing unless is becomes the drug of obsession.

  4. I love when you say do something you love everyday. That really makes me feel accomplished. Another thing I would add to this is start your day with positive inspiration like the Bible to organize your day.

    • Yes! You must work hard and also reward your spirit by doing something you love. Great suggestion on the Bible, the proverbs section is full of wisdom even taking some time to look at that section will help you start your day in an awesome way.

  5. Hey Omar, having that to do list and checking stuff off helps me feel accomplished each day too. The only problem is doing that consistently each day – doing the to do list I mean. So something new I’ve started is to do the to do list the night before so I know ahead of time what needs to be done the next day. A gratitude list of what you did today and what positive circumstances happened in your life today not only helps me feel accomplished but grounded and appreciative. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Checking things off also allows me to feel accomplished. Writing a to-do list the night before is a great idea! I’m sure it has allowed you to be prepared for the next day. Thank you for adding to the post:)

    • Excellent Idea indeed! You will be able to sleep on it and think about all the stuff you need to get done in that list. Then you will be ready to take action in the morning! You also have to be willing to stick to the list but at the same time be flexible enough to adapt to any changes and unexpected things that can distract you away from your list. =-D

  6. Nice job, Omar! I especially like #1.

    One thing that has helped me is to divide my to-do list according ot the Patero Principle. I have a 20% List (those 20% activities that produce 80% of my most important and significant results) and an 80% List (all the other activities that only produce 20% of my results).

    Then every day I start by focusing on something from my 20% list. This helps me accomplish something of meaning and value every single day.

    • Thanks!

      That is a great way to truly prioritize and know the activities that will truly help you move forward in accomplishing your goals. We all tend to simply make a list to make a list and to stay busy but that does not mean we are productive. Great point!

  7. Love this.

    I’ve been getting a feel for to-do lists lately. I think they’re often misused and this article gives some great tips on actually getting things done. I am 100% behind the be creative tip.

    The world doesn’t embrace it’s creativity anymore. Make something. The creative energy that unlocks is amazing.

    As a tip for to-list, make sure you prioritze items that will actually make you feel productive. Trips to the grocery store may need to get done, but will you feel better when you check it off? I try and segment my list into low level tasks and high level so I actually feel some acheivement.

    Great guest post, Omar!

    • Hello Derek,

      Great additional thoughts. I also make sure to have a list that I’m able to check different tasks off, it makes me feel accomplished. Thank you for sharing:)

    • Thanks Derek!

      Having small wins knowing you got stuff done on the list will help motivate you to keep going. Being able to have low level and high level tasks is a great tip. Thanks for that!

  8. Isn’t the idea of “do something you love everyday” exciting? Who wants to do something they hate, loathe, or fear everyday? We can flip it – and if we’re not doing something we love everyday, hopefully we can realize the drain it is on us (and those we encounter!).

    • So sorry about the delayed reply, I missed the comment some how.

      Great points! The key is to find the something that we enjoy and are passionate about. Thank you for adding to the discussion:)

    • Exactly!! It is sad when people forget what they enjoy to do and just go through the motions. We choose to be happy and we choose what to do on a daily basis =-D