How Leaders Can Inspire Others

[This is a post by Celia Wang, on behalf of Dale Carnegie Training, a company founded on the principles of the famous speaker and author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Today, the company offers leadership training to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals.]

When you think about leaders, one trait that they all possess is the ability to inspire others. Having the unique talent to help people feel energized and motivated is what sets leaders apart. Effective leaders inspire those around them to become the best that they can be. However, learning how to motivate people is often a skill that takes practice. Here are a few leadership development tips to help you inspire and influence everyone around you.

Show Your Passion

Genuine passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Share your leadership knowledge and passion with others in a way that will help them become excited and energized about their goals. To assist others in reaching their full potential, leaders must help their team know that their work has purpose. Communicate your company’s true vision and purpose to help reinforce how important every task and team member really is.

Communication Is Key

The importance of communication in business cannot be stressed enough. Foster open and honest communication between your team. Always clearly communicate your vision and goals. It is also important to remember that the best leaders also are able to listen to others.

Lead by Example

Leading by example generates enthusiasm and inspires employees to work harder. Role modeling is an extremely important leadership skill. Pay close attention to how you communicate with others, your work ethic, and your overall behavior. According to a Dale Carnegie study, 62 percent of engaged employees said their managers set a good example, and employees who are happy with their direct supervisors are more likely to walk the extra mile to support the organization’s goals. Be the example that those around you strive to become.

Learn How to Be a Coach

When in doubt, remember that being an inspiring leader can be compared to being a good coach. Great coaches are able to build excitement and passion in others while also helping them reach their fullest potential. Remember the following acronym to remind you to always strive to bring the best out of everyone you interact with:

  • Communication: Mastering communications skills is critical to a leader’s success.
  • Openness: Stay open to the ideas and opinions of others. Always remain honest with your team.
  • Attitude: When a leader displays a positive attitude it not only raises the team morale, but also fosters excellence within the company.
  • Character: Character shines through problems and creates solutions.
  • Help: “There is no I in team”. Support is critical to any company’s success. No one leader is an island. Let your team know that you are always there to support them, and that you also can’t be successful without their support as well.

Question: Can you add to the list? What are some other ways leaders inspire others?


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  • Excellent points. A leader can have compelling vision that he shares with those who are connected to it.

    • Vision is essential. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Good one. I like that acronym. The character part covers the relationship part in truly caring or others and their well being along with their loved ones. Many leaders have charisma, the great ones have compassion. Thanks, Dan.

    • I did as well:) Character and relationships are connected with each other. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • Great list! Provides a really good summary of being an inspiring leaders for those starting out and a solid reminder for seasoned leaders. Authenticity is a trait I would throw in the mix, though I think it’s implied in what is said here already. But beings someone who is real & authentic & not a different person based on mood, locations, stress level, etc. is important. Authenticity helps provide for needed consistency.

    • Great addition! Being authentic is so important.

  • One thing I might add is to keep going even when life seems stacked against you and people keep trying to hold you down. Just trust God and work for HIM. A breakthrough will come.

    • Great addition, perseverance is so essential. Thank you for adding to the discussion:)

  • I am ALWAYS influenced by my leader. While i have my own virtue, ethics, and skills, my manager/leader/supervisor sets the tone and either encourages enthusiasm or promotes mediocrity

    • That’s the way it should be. Thank you for sharing.

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