Laws of Success (Pt. 2)

In part one of Laws of Success we discussed the laws of strategy and hard work. Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” These laws combined with a deep enough desire for success will allow you to move closer toward success. Here are two other essential laws of success:

The law of preparedness

It’s crucial to be prepared and ready for success. The time to prepare is now, before achieving success. Confucius said, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” You can start right now to prepare for success by daily choosing to:

  • Lead yourself successfully. Making sure your actions and attitude reflects your desired future (success).
  • Invest in your growth and development. Having and implementing a plan to always be learning.
  • Focus on your purpose, strengths, and passions. Those areas will move you toward success.
  • Intentionally taking strategic action (law #1). Take action on the tasks and goals which will allow you to become successful.

The law of timing

In our microwave society people want success right now. However, this law says, success takes time. I really like the saying “most overnight success are years in the making.” The question is if you will persevere and be patient until you reach the level of success you desire? Successful people persevere with patience.

I’ve been writing my leadership thoughts on this blog for several years and have learned many new bloggers have an unrealistic idea about becoming an online success. They think they can start a blog and a few months later will become successful (though this can and does happen). But what usually happens when a person has this mindset is that they give up when success does not quickly come. Remember that success in any field, industry, or area takes times. You never know when your time for success is so keep applying the other laws and patiently endure until your time comes.

Question: How have you seen the law of preparedness and timing at work in your own life?

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35 thoughts on “Laws of Success (Pt. 2)

  1. Great reminders, Dan. If blogging regularly has taught me anything, it’s the value of resolve. This discipline has shown up in other areas of my life: physical, financial, etc. In turn that’s made me prepared for the success that seemingly fell into my lap. It’s all a cycle…but a good one. Thanks for this post.

    • Great point about discipline spreading into other areas of our life. It in turn allows us to see success in multiple areas. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  2. When I prepare and stay prepared the best I can, it seems like timing works itself out quite nicely most of the time. Too many times, opportunity slips by because I’m not prepared, because my timing was off. So, I think timing really is in the preparation. I think of Abraham Lincoln as an example. I’ve read a lot of books about him, and he was definitely a master at timing, but it seemed to come because of the preparation of his whole life leading up to his moment of greatness in history. So many great successes have their foundation in preparation that was played out partner with timing.

    • Hello Kari,

      and if we are busy preparing the timing does not seem as long. Keeping our head to the ground (Taking action) and not worrying about when success will come moves time by quicker. Thank you for taking the time to add your thoughts to the post. I appreciate it.

  3. Great point about becoming an overnight success, whether it’s
    in blogging or some other field.

    As I am sure you and others have seen, there are a lot of
    websites out there targeting individuals with this very message; websites
    tempting readers to quit their unhappy jobs and become an entrepreneur today,
    and make a six figure income tomorrow. I
    wonder how many mortgages are late as a result of this marketing.

    Leadership success is about strategy and strategy is about

    • Hello Bill,

      Yes, I’ve seen many sites/ articles sharing the same false message. Leaving a job before a person is ready or without a plan only leads to failure. I’ve seen the best option is to keep your job and work on your dreams on the side, until you are able to switch it around. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom here.

  4. If a person can’t find gratification in the process of persevering, it’s not likely they’ll find success. Good post, Dan, and thanks for your perseverance.

    • Whenever I write or read the word perseverance I think about you (Even when writing this post). You have taught me great lessons about perseverance, through your life example, writing, and comments on my blog. Thank you:)

      • Wow. You honor me, my friend. It’s easy for me to write those words since I’ve got to know you and see that you boldly walk the walk. Looking forward to the next time we can hook up for coffee! Maybe lunch next time I’m in the area? Thanks, Dan.

  5. I like what you said here, “Successful people persevere with patience.” That’s the way I look at it. There are no overnight successes. We all need to keep pushing forward, with patience, and persevere if we ever want to get ahead. Passionate focus on a goal will work a lot more wonders than adherence to some lofty ideal of overnight success.

  6. Nice Dan.

    Are you planning on writing 16 laws of success? 😉

    I’ve seen luck & good timing in my life A LOT over the past two months. But I think it’s a natural byproduct of taking a lot of action and executing on ideas.

    “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”


    I love that quote.

  7. I have to fight this, Dan. When I was young, school always came easily to me. So for 12 years, I was trained to not really work hard at anything but to still experience easy success. Writing was one of the first things I persevered with that didn’t come easily to me.

  8. Love your thoughts Dan. I’ve been blogging for a while too (not as long as you tho :) and i really used to wonder about that “breakout” point. Heard and read great things about other online successes and wondered why mine wasn’t coming as quick. or easy. (they sure can make it sound easy!). but over time i have learned that it takes time, being where you are supposed to be and good old fashioned intentionality. And grace, whole lot of grace. Thanks for jogging my thoughts on this today :) wonderful thoughts.

    • Hello Ngina,

      Your doing a great job about persevering with patience. I think each person is different when it comes to becoming successful (in any area). Having a passion for leadership and desire to help others really has kept me going these years. A strong enough reason why can allow us to keep going. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  9. Timing is the hard part. We have to know when and why we strike, and it needs to be for the right purposes. Of course being prepared is essential in regard to that timing. I agree with you about bloggers thinking they’ll find overnight success. I’ve actually turned away from that whole model of blogging and prefer to write and share from the heart rather than for the purpose of gaining followers and monetizing my blog.

    • Hello Dan,

      Yes it is:) I think the key is to keep taking action on our passions. It always leads to good things. That’s great Dan, that mindset will attract people toward you and your writing. Thank you for taking the time to read and add to the discussion.

  10. Great post. You said enough when you said, ‘success takes time’. Our microwave society mess a lot of people up. I always say if it don’t happen in two weeks most people give up and go back to business as usual. A lot of blogs and websites have messed up people by telling them they can be this great success in 30 days without real work. I have it takes commitment, consistency, courage and concentration to be a success.

  11. I think people who wants overnight success(like me) are blinded by the thought that getting that success is going to be the end of everything. The end of effort, unhappiness, trials and tribulations etc.

    Success is like buying stuff. You buy stuff, you are happy for awhile, and then you are back to your normal non-happy stuff. You succeed, you’re happy, then you’re back to your normal self and seeking more.

    When we are thinking of success, think about this:

    1) Why do we want to succeed? If it’s because everyone tells you to and you think it’s common sense, think again.
    2) What do you want to do with success?
    3) Do you believe success lies in the journey or the destination?

    Success is only a minimum point when you can have the highest chance to change the world according to your liking. What matters is not success but what you want to do with it.

    • Great analogy on what success is like, I totally agree. Those are some fantastic questions to ask our self. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the topic of success. I appreciate you!

  12. This has really come full-circle as my wife and I continued to learn about how to be better parents of adopted children. As we’ve encountered more opportunities, we’ve been grateful that we continued learning how to make positive impact with these special children.

    It’s super-encouraging when you encounter something you’ve been preparing for. I’d love to hear a specific example in a future blog post.

    • It’s so important to always be sharpening our parenting skills. It allows us to raise Godly children. I’ll have to put that on my list of blog posts to write, thank you for adding to the discussion.

  13. Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve seen this really play out in physical fitness. That’s one area where you simply can’t rush things. You work hard, work hard, and work hard and then you start to see results. You’re reminded of the concept of consistency.