Laws of Success (Pt. 1)

Certain life and leadership laws are true and founded. One that we all must abide by is the law of gravity. A person can say they don’t believe or think the law of gravity is real. All they would need to do to test this law is to go on top of a 10 story building and drop something off the edge. Soon enough they would see and believe in the law of gravity. The law of gravity cannot be denied.

Like the law of gravity also are laws of success. Knowing and living by the laws of success can position you toward success. Here are the first two laws of success:

The law of strategy

If you want to become successful you have to be strategic about your plans and actions. Making sure everything you do lines up with your overall goals and desired area of success. It’s about consist concentration in your niche, purpose, and passions. A few times I’ve wanted to start a side blog about writing, while also keeping this blog. However, I realized that if I started another blog (outside of my niche area) it would hinder the momentum and progress of my current leadership blog. Be strategic about what you do.

The law of hard work

Success requires working hard in the right areas. The separation between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful: are willing to work hard and they are strategic about the work they do. The first element is about being willing to put in the labor and work required to achieve success. The second element is about combining the law of strategy into the work you do. Focusing your energy, time, and work on the areas that will produce the highest return. A person who exemplifies the law of hard work is my good friend Kimanzi Constable who is living his dreams by being a strategic hard worker (Check his blog out).

Questions: Can you add to the list? What other laws of success would you include?

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51 thoughts on “Laws of Success (Pt. 1)

  1. The law of tweaking. It’s great to keep working hard at something, but if the results aren’t there, ‘just try harder’ won’t cut it. So regularly look at your goal, and the results you’re getting, and tweak. The end game isn’t always what you thought it would be at the start.

  2. Excellent post, Dan. I’m looking forward for part 2 of the series. I would add in the recipe (I hope I do not precipitate your thought, if yes, please disregard this comment!) though, the laws of accountability/responsibility, the law of ownership (of ones’ vision, objectives,etc), the law of communication/distribution/sharing and the law of being the change you want to achieve.

  3. Excellent and pointed truths. I think one of the biggest laws that you and I have discussed is the one of perseverance. Without it success is doomed.

  4. Dan, regarding hard work, when we do what we love, the hard work isn’t experienced as “hard” work. Most would rather do truly hard work (word that doesn’t inspire them) than to face their fears to get clear on what they really want to do, make a plan to get there, get the help they need to get there–and then take that first step.

    What’s really hard work, is the inner work that’s required for change and transformation. And even that can be made much easier.

    • You’re so right, Alan. I have a very hard time calling writing “work” because I enjoy it so much and because it’s really just part of who I am. I can’t not do it, just like I can’t not breathe. You’re also right that the real hard work of life is “the inner work that’s required for change and transformation.” What I’m realizing is the need for awareness of this fact. In fact, I think there’s a general unawareness of needing to be aware of needing inner growth, if that makes any sense at all. Your comment fits so well with some projects I’m working on. Good confirmation for me!

      • Kari, I agree completely with what you say here: “I think there’s a general unawareness of needing to be aware of needing inner growth”
        Western culture doesn’t put emphasis on inner work–it values outer achievements. The irony is that the latter is only a reflection of the former.
        Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Kimanzi is an excellent example of someone who works hard and learns from mistakes. It takes a big person to not only admit mistakes and learn from them but also to share them with others so that they can grow as well.

  6. This is a great post Dan because hard work is critical as a Leader and in all growth areas. You just can’t avoid it. How about the Law of compounding? Doing the little things consistently that over time make a great big deal.

  7. Deliberate and intentional are what come to mind when I read about these two laws. Having purpose in all that we do makes such a huge difference in our success. Looking forward to your other laws in part 2.

  8. Great thoughts Dan! I’ve never seen anyone who’s accomplished great feats do that in the absence of strategy and hard work. I also may add the law of humility. Those who truly succeed are humble enough to know that the credit belongs to the team, not to the glory of the person. I am reminded of what John Wooden said:

    “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.”

    • Humility is so important (both before and after becoming successful). John Wooden is a perfect example, thank you for sharing that amazing quote. It’s always great when you add to the discussion. Thank you.

  9. Definitely is true that you can waste a ton of time, if you’re not strategic about your time, effort, and energy. You may even be working really hard, but in the wrong space.

  10. It is all about hard work, Dan. Also, like Don mentions persistence. In addition to hard work, you have to keep going, keep showing up every day and put your best out there. Hard work is important but it can be preceded by showing up – regularly and consistently. If you’re not ready for hard work, at a minimum, show up. I think there’s a quote out there which says 90% of success is showing up!

    • Hello Vishnu,

      Great points about showing up! Yes, if we are not willing or able to put in the hard work we should still show up to the game. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  11. How about the Law of First and Best Efforts. The project I work on is usually successful based on the amount of effort I extend in its launch. If i am passionate, energetic and single-thought toward something and commit to it wholeheartedly, usually it will succeed.

  12. Hey Dan,

    Short post, but definitely one of my favorite topics.

    I’d add two things that are strongly entwined:

    1. Experimenting with things and not just settling for the first practical solution. Being persistent in finding better ways of doing things until the approach is distiled down to the bare minimum in terms of results produced per time and resources.

    2. Being consistent in whatever pursuits you set your mind to do. The importance of sticking to a thing for a prolonged period of time — despite not seeing any results. Because results may not come initially, but may take time to achieve. And one must not stop until the set limit (say 30 days) has passed.

    • Hello Ludvig,

      I also like the topic of success. Great additions. Being consistent is so important, I’ve seen many people start a blog and then quite a few months later because they were not seeing success. They want to success but are not willing to put in the time required. Your doing a fantastic job growing your online platform, keep it up!

  13. I think hard work is important. I think Paul is right when he adds humility. I agree with Ludvig about experimentation. I think we could create a long list of laws of success. I know many people want to believe that we have control over our own destiny in regard to success, but that’s not always true, and I would add two other laws:
    1. Faith. Sometimes God has plans for us that we don’t. God can take the unlikely person and give them huge success. Or perhaps God does not have material success in your future. Perhaps he has another kind of success mapped out for you.
    2. Right place/time/connection. Let’s face it. Many people who are successful have connections from the start. They were born into important families or they have friends in the high places of the business in which they intend to succeed.

    • Hello Dan,

      I agree, we could come up with a large list of laws of success. Great additional laws. Your faith law is great, we have to know what we have been called to do, and be ok about if it’s more public or not. Thank you for taking the time to read and add to the discussion.

      ps. sent you an email:)

  14. Dan, as always, you have given us ways to push our selves farther while motivating determination. I love these laws you’ve mentioned. I think often times people think success without thinking about the Law of Failure. The opposite side of the spectrum makes us all realize what success truly is. The path to success is filled with failed events and tireless mistakes. I love what Craig Groeschel says in one of his sermons that is so fitting to success, “Failure is always an event, never a person.”

    Failure = Growth; Success = Wisdom

    Thank you Dan!

    • Hello Clint,

      First off, I love your formula of failure vs. success. It’s really important not to allow success or failure to define us or who we are. Thank you for taking the time to read and share.

  15. I remember hearing someone say once that they always seem to be more successful the harder they work. That’s the way I look at it. No matter what you want to do and where you want to go, you have to put in the work to make it happen. There’s always room for shortcuts, but even then, you have to work to make those shortcuts happen. I guess there’s really no way around it.