Why This Author Believes That Leaders Are Made And Not Born?

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Why Crisis leadership in action matters:

The best form of leadership growth and advancement stems from within the individual in response to external stimuli and situations in which leadership is tested through its proper and necessary exercise. Just as a soldier who has never fought a battle is not a complete soldier, so also leadership is only completed after winning the ultimate test of numerous challenging situations both within and outside the organization. It is not only having leadership attitude that matters- this also needs to be successfully and productively implemented during business crisis situations.

Leadership is made through flow of blood, sweat and tears:

There is much more to leadership than just leading committed men and women into corporate battles and out of intriguing situations that tend to take the winds out of the business sails. One wrong decision and the entire business folds down like a pack of cards. Indeed in the battle of corporate business scenario, only the tough leadership survives to fight yet another day. Yet most leaders of today, including the President of the USA are made leaders and not born as one. Being born in family of leaders does provide more opportunities for leadership development, but this by itself does not guarantee leadership success, until and unless it is gained the hard way. Superficial leadership traits cannot withstand the test of time and critical situations thrust upon it and so evaporates. It is only the strongest of leadership mettle, whetted on the whetstone of labor, experience and skill development that stays on.

Actual leadership cannot be gained solely by attending advanced leadership training courses:

Leadership has much to do with implementing policies and transforming theories into robust practices. Although most leadership training schools could offer lectures and workshops on it, it is indeed the onus of individual leaders to enforce and perpetrate leadership models in the firm and all matters affecting the firm where leadership is needed. Leadership in action is very important and a major sustaining force for the firm and its constituents. Indeed leadership may have to do with money, men, materials, management, motivation and morale, besides offering an all pervading and uncompromising management discipline and code of business throughout the business. This is indeed the results of leadership development through solid and sustained work.

Born leaders and borne leaders:

Leadership also needs to accept the responsibilities and brunt of decision making, whether proved correct, or wrong later. It is indeed a question of what leadership can bear. In terms of facing the complexity, dilemmas and concerns which weighs down on business. Borne leaders could tackle this and much more successfully and in the best interests of the firm. While born leaders could indeed prove themselves successful due to genetic dispositions, it is the borne leadership which could handle all aspects of the business with relative ease since they have the accomplishments, experience and achievements to back it up. Born leaders may indeed be stilted and restrained by preferences and choices and may also be possible that they often fail to see the big picture.

Borne leaders respond better to Crisis Management:

While this is not to undermine the role and utility value of born leaders, it is not untrue to suggest that the true and ultimate mettle of born leaders are not tested as often and as intensely as borne leaders in Crisis Management situations.

Questions: Do you think leaders are born or made? What experiences have allowed you to increase your leadership abilities?

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40 thoughts on “Why This Author Believes That Leaders Are Made And Not Born?

  1. Hi Rhys,

    Excellent post and Dan, thanks for having Rhys over.

    Rhys, in answer to your question,, there are certain people who naturally demonstrate leadership traits. However, some of these individuals don’t always have the desire to lead; neither do they have certain traits which would make them into an effective and rounded leader. This is not to say they couldn’t learn these traits. If one has the passion, interest and drive to lead, then anything is possible.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Hiten,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

      We think a like my friend. I also think some people have natural leadership traits, however, I believe that anyone can learn to become a leader. Either way, hands on experience is a must! Thank you for taking the time to read and share.

  2. I think that leaders are taught at a very young age the concept of honor. Being a leader is similar to the person, in a very exaggerated way, that would be willing to take a bullet to save others. Or the person that wants the ball with the seconds clicking away on the clock and are willing to face the consequences either way.

    As a side note, I see a chasm of difference between a true leader and current politicians.

  3. Great post!

    I think if we are to believe leaders are born, then we would need to look for common traits such as Height, Intelligence, Extraversion, Fluency, etc… When considering leaders, like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, or Gandhi – we see no similar traits to support the theory.

    What we do see are characteristics such as vision and purpose from these leaders. These are processes that can be developed and refined, but only grasped by those truly wanting to make a difference.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Bill. Great thoughts. Leadership is a trait that can be developed if the desire is their. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  4. This kind of question has always intrigued me. I can see valid points on both sides. Yet if I’m pressed, I would say that leaders are made instead of born. Certainly some qualities come easier to some people than others and that would suggest they got them at birth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn them along the way. I’d say that the biggest determiner of a leader is experience. I’ve been put into some leadership roles before and those were the things that helped me build leadership qualities more than any other thing.

    • I know, it’s a tough question to answer. I would lean toward leaders being made instead of born as well. Yes, experience is a must. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  5. To be honest I think it’s both.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about practice vs natural dispositions lately. It’s one of those big life questions that everyone ponders. It’ll be interesting to see if we come up with some more conclusive answer within our lifetime.

  6. I think it’s “yes and” not “either or.” Some people are born with more leadership potential than others, but how a person responds to life and its challenges shape the kind of leader each of us becomes. A classic book on this idea is “The Making of a Leader.” A must read! http://amzn.to/1aW06Sa

  7. Dan, it seems to me that there are a lot of things in life that I thought, “Well I can’t do that because that’s not me.” Then after some time of trying God showed me that I actually could do it. I think there are different types of leaders and those different types maybe something we are born with but everyone can increase their skill as a leader through dedication and hard work.

  8. Rhys, it’s so true! You need to be tested in a leadership position to understand the ins and outs of leadership. There is an awful lot of leadership experts who teach leadership but haven’t tested themselves on those topics. That’s why people give so much credibility to leaders who have walked the talk. Thanks for sharing your insights here!

  9. As I read this post I kept thinking of the movie “Monsters University”. Sully was born into a family of “leaders” and it was expected of him to follow in his family’s successful footsteps. Mike worked hard to overcome all the challenges he faced. Together they learned how to be better monsters.

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  12. I also joined this. There are so many leaders we know. But they are not born as a leader, they lived as a common man and then later they became. This was a serious doubt of mine, and you clarified this. Thanks.
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  13. For my opinion, to be a leader, you must be both born and made. You are born with the qualities that make you a leader, while you hone your leadership qualities through trial and error, to become the person you are and the leader you want to be. By the way a couple weeks ago my friend is going crazy because he must to write the same essay about Was Alexander the Great born great? He has no idea what to write. And professional essay writers from papernow.org came to the aid. His teacher appreciated it.