How to Lead Your Life This Year by Making the Right Choices

Everyone wants to have a good year. Making this year your best year ever requires leading your life by managing your choices. This does not happen by chance or accident. It only comes when you consistently make the right choices. Your daily choices will greatly determine your year (Click here to Tweet that, Thank you). Here are 6 choices that if you chose to make will position you for your best and most successful year:

1. Lead by example-

Lead your life by choosing to be caring and live out a positive example. Your example should attract and pull people toward you and your leadership. This can be done when you adapt these Unconventional Qualities: love, humility, servanthood, grace, patience, and honesty. This allows you to positively impact those around you.

2. Control your responses-

To lead your life this year requires that you control your responses. You can’t always choose what happens to or around you but you can always choose your response or reaction toward the situation. This does not mean you have to deny your current emotions, emotions are normal feelings. However, we have to be careful that our emotions are not the driving force of our actions and emotions because it could cause us to react in the wrong manor. Carefully and wisely chose your responses.

3. Increase your influence-

Lead your life by intentionally expanding your influence. In The Leadership Mandate I wrote about 5 areas of influence: family, work, relationships, online, and regional. Every person has dominating areas of influence, were they have more influence than other areas. This year, determine to increase your influence in your dominate areas and chose to start to increase your influence in a non-domain area.

4. Connect and network-

Chose to invest time to connect, network, and build strong relationships with others, both in person and online. Social media can allow us to start new relationships and stay connected with the people we already know, but we should not allow the convenience of social media to prevent us from having face-to-face interactions. A balance of both is essential.

5. Plan your days-

You can’t expect to arrive at the destination you desire (or a good year) without a plan. Taking time to write down a strategic plan with realistic goals can allow you to determine what actions steps you should be taking on a daily basis. The key is to put a plan together (It’s never too late to write out your plan) and make it one of your top priorities. This will allow you to achieve everything you want this year.

6. Take action –

The best and most successful year comes to those who are willing to take action on their greatest dreams and aspirations. They avoid passively waiting for things to be perfect by taking courage’s actions steps on a daily basis. Don’t worry about taking huge steps because it’s the small steps of action done on a regular basis that will lead to big results. The key is to start taking action.

Questions: Can you add to the list? What are some other ways to lead your life this year? Which of these 6 choices do you need to focus on more this year?

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  • Paul Sohn

    Awesome list here. I need to be a better job in controlling my responses. When life gets hectic, it’s so easy to just respond without thinking with the big picture in mind.

    • Dan Black

      Glad you enjoyed the post/list. The response is a huge one, we all have to be careful about how we respond to things or situations. Keep at it. Thank you for reading and adding your thoughts.

  • Jason Vana

    I would add keeping the big picture in mind. It can be so easy to focus on the task or goal at hand, that we forget where that goal is ultimately taking us. Keeping the big picture in mind gives motivation on the days when you just want to be a lazy bum and not do anything.

    • Dan Black

      Great addition, Jason. We have to keep the end or “big picture” in mind. Thank you for adding to the conversation.

  • DS

    Appreciated this list Dan. For me, I need to do a better job connecting with others, as well as planning my days. It’s interesting to consider why we have difficulties in some of these areas. When we do that, then we are better equipped to make progress.

    • Dan Black

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Planning my days better is something I’m also working on. Knowing which areas we should or need to improve is essential, it requires self-awareness. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • floyd

    Excellent points, Dan.I like number two the most, we all tend to react in emotion over character sometimes. I might add that the goals shouldn’t be all physical or material type of goals, those don’t tend to build a great legacy.

    • Dan Black

      Yes, controlling our responses can be difficult but it’s so essential. “emotions over character” can be dangerous. Thank you for adding to the topic.

  • jamie flexman

    Hey, number 4 is getting increasingly important with each passing year. People need more face time. I’m fearful of the day when nobody ever has to leave their house ever again.

    • Dan Black

      Hello Jamie,

      I’m also fearful about the same thing. Technology is great but it also comes with some negatives. Thank you for taking time to share.

  • Jon D Harrison

    I love that point number 6 is “Take Action.” Now go do something! that’s what 2014 is for!

    • Dan Black

      Yes, action is key. Those who will win this year will take action.

  • TCAvey

    As I read blog posts today two things keep standing out to me- Pause for a moment and enjoy life and the beauty God has created. And, I can’t control what comes into my life, but I can decide how I will respond to them.
    Maybe to tie the two together, I need to PAUSE when circumstances come my way THEN respond.
    I need to see God in each circumstance, seek His will and beauty, seek His face, and then respond to the situation.

    • Dan Black

      Great addition. Life is not all about going and doing, we have to enjoy the process. To pause and take time to enjoy were we are at. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  • kimanzi constable

    I would add focus, that’s an area I’m working on this year. I want to master the concept of being fully present.

    • Dan Black

      Great addition! Focus on the right things is essential. Thank you for adding to the topic.

  • Ngina Otiende

    I love “plan your days”. this year I have purposed to “do less so that i can do more”. Do less but be effective. Good reminder in this post.

    • Dan Black

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post:) Yes, less is more. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  • Steve

    We must have been of the same mindset since I wrote on choices recently too. I’ve been thinking about them lately and just how important it is to make good choices in general. I don’t think I have one to add to this list, but I do want to relate a personal story about one of the points you mention: take action. When I was younger, I was definitely someone who didn’t take much action. I waited for things to happen. I waited for life to begin. All that waiting didn’t add up to much. Today I’d rather be moving towards something I want than waiting for that thing to arrive. You could be waiting a really long time. So when it comes down to it, choose action.

    • Dan Black

      Well, great minds do think a like:)

      Taking action is so important, I believe the key is to take daily action toward our dreams and aspirations. This will allow us to arrive at our desired location sooner. Thank you for taking the time to read and share.

  • Lincoln Parks

    I would like to add be still. Sometimes as Leaders we have to be still and listen to who is speaking to us and what is going on around us. I think that by listening we open the doors to understanding so much more.

    • Dan Black

      Great addition, Lincoln. I totally agree with what you said. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • Sean Nisil

    Controlling my responses has significantly impacted my relationships for the better. One thing I’m working to be more consistent on is #5–planning my days. Great tips Dan!

    • Dan Black

      Hello Sean,

      Thank you for sharing and I hope you become better at planning your days this year.

  • Bernard Haynes

    Enjoyed the post. I have to better job at planning my days. To accomplish my big goals I must do better in this department.

    • Dan Black

      Thank you for reading, it seems like a lot of people want to be better at planning their days. It’s great to hear your thoughts.