The Wise Leader pt.1

There are countless benefits of looking at history for insights and wisdom. One such person is King Solomon. In this two part series we dive into what Solomon can teach us on the topic of wisdom.

Solomon was born around 974 B.C. and was installed as King of Israel by his father, David, shortly before David died. Solomon was only 12 years old and was terrified of ruling Israel, he was afraid that he did not have the wisdom to do so.

According to the Old Testament, God appeared to Solomon and asked him what he wanted. He answered by asking for wisdom and knowledge so that he could rightly judge the great people of Israel (1 Kings 3:9; 2 Chronicles 1:10) God then told Solomon that because he had not asked for riches, wealth, honor, or a longer life for himself, He would give Solomon more wisdom, knowledge, riches, wealth, and honor than any king before him or any king to come. Solomon’s wisdom, success, and wealth increased beyond imagination. In today’s culture it has been said that he would have been a “trillionaire” as well as his gold reserves reaching into the billions.

What can his insights and teachings do for your career, your relationships, your leadership, and your personal life? No matter what you might think they can do, they can do even more than you can think. Here are a few of the rewards Solomon says you can look forward to when you gain wisdom:



·Good judgment

·Preservation and protection


·Better health

·Longer life


·Financial abundance

·Favor of those in authority

·Commendation and promotions

We can grow in every area of our life if we strive to gain wisdom. As leaders our lives and what we lead will also be stronger, if we strive to learn wisdom and be a wise leader.

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