The Results of Personal Growth

Personal growth requires an investment of time, energy, money, and effort. However, choosing to grow yourself is worth the investment because it pays tremendous dividends both in the short and long term. I have found these 4 benefits as a result of a person intentionally growing and learning:

1. You increase your skill level-

Your leadership and work competence will always be increasing when you have the habit of growing yourself. This is because growth allows you to gain new and valuable skills. In our fast pace and ever changing culture, personal growth helps us to stay ahead of the learning curve. It equips us to handle the challenging and demanding responsibilities of leadership. Implement a personal growth plan to move to maximum skill level and performance.

2. You increase your self-belief and confidence-

When I started to actively engage in personal growth (Beginning by primarily reading several books a month) my self-belief, confidence, and self-esteem were significantly raised to a new level. Anyone can begin to quickly see similar benefits by reading a good leadership book or listening to a motivational business CD. Growing yourself produces great inner and outward results.

3. You increase your influence and impact-

Personal growth is not solely for your own benefit but for the benefit of those around you. The truth is that the habits you invest in will glean (rub off) onto other people, through your actions and attitude. It is crucial to grow yourself because you can only give your people what you already have. When people see that you are growing and learning, it will position you to increase the level of influence and impact you have with them.

4. You will be motivated to take action-

I make extra investments of personal growth whenever I need the motivation to start taking action or to move from procrastination to action. 98 % of time my energy, motivation, creativity, and desire to take action is sparked through my personal growth (Listening to a Podcast or reading one of my favorite leadership authors). The growth we engage in can be the catalyst for us to start taking action on what we should or want to be doing. When you find yourself not making forward progress or resisting action, I encourage you to take some time to invest in personal growth. Allow that grow to inspire and motivate you to take action.

Question: Can you add to the list? What other benefits have you seen as a result of personal growth?

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38 thoughts on “The Results of Personal Growth

  1. Personal development, just like a lot of things in life, require practice and we can only get better with more practice, Dan. I think for me, committing to personal development, allows for more self-belief and motivation as you talk about which translates to action. The more we work we do within, the more we can shine to the rest of the world.

    I enjoy the blogosphere because I’m continuously inspired by people like yourself to do better and be better. Thanks Dan!

    • Hello Vishnu,

      The self-belief and confidence is one of the most valuable benefits I receive when growing. Great things happen inwardly when we grow and learn.

      I agree, people like yourself really inspire and encourage me. A community of people is a powerful source. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  2. Good to have you back, Dan! I would add that personal growth brings me closer to God and helps me keep Him first. I learned how to work through my times of growing with God, but now work itself is threatening to take over and become too important. My biggest growth goal at the moment is learning to keep God first as a person who pursues goals.

    • Thank you Barb:) It’s great to be back. Amen! It’s amazing how much closer we are with God when we chose to grow (Personally and spiritually). Keeping God first is also a challenge for me, something I constantly have to refocus. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  3. I really appreciate the change in my day when I am actively trying to grow by reading or listening to good stuff. It helps me make better decisions, and provides some encouragement when things aren’t going quite right.

  4. I’m like Barb, (well my opinion is anyway!) my growth begins and ends in seeking, and in so doing naturally revering, our Father. Wisdom is the constant in those who seek Him. The older I get the more I realize He truly is the Alpha and Omega, not just in His sovereign creation of the world, but in each and every soul that He created.

    • Amen, Floyd! Seeking God brings a unlimited amount of knowledge and wisdom. The key is to remember and place our prioritize around that, right?:) I know I struggle with that at times.

  5. This all so true. Growth in any area is a cycle. You practice, you get better, you get more confident which increases your impact, which increases your motivation, which makes you want to practice more.

    I’ve done this in business, fitness, and a few other areas. It’s a beautiful thing man.

    • Hello Kevin,

      Your a great example of taking action! It allows us to find what works and what does not. The key is to start and learn in the process. Thank you for adding to the discussion. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

  6. Grow is critical for every leader. I also have experienced that when you are growing, you are more confident in your self and are better able to handle stress and disappointment. Maybe this is because you are sharp.

  7. Great thoughts, Dan. I’ve seen personal growth lead to more meaningful relationships with others. Whether that’s romantic or platonic, being more sure of myself and my skills allows me to connect with others on a much deeper level and lets me put myself out there into more unusual situations to grow in.

  8. Good list if benefits, Dan. I would add consistency. A deliberate plan of personal growth makes me a more consistent person in every area from emotional to professional to relational. Continually growing makes you someone who can be depended upon to do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it because someone who wants to grow generally is strong and getting stronger in these areas.

  9. I think there’s a certain momentum to personal growth. I find that if I am not intentional and regular in pushing personal growth in my own life then I start slipping in other areas of my life. Things are connected so if you want to succeed in other areas of life you’re going to need to grow personally too!

  10. Happiness- the more you learn about something you more it would seem that your happiness increases because of the depth of your knowledge….otherwise I would wonder why you keep desiring to continue to grow :)

  11. I like this. It’s always good (and important) to be reminded of the fact we can still grow. We’re not locked in, we’re still changing, and can even take steps to influence the direction of that change. Being able to recognise that as true is often half the battle. One that’s made easier when we consider some of the benefits of trying.

  12. One of the reasons why I’ve embarked on my journey of self-growth is its biblical source of being a faithful steward. When I steward my time, talent, and treasure, I glorify God. The temptation for mw is not to be thw very best or be perfect, but rather become the very best I am capable of becoming.

    • Amen! Great statements my friend. God calls us to be always growing and learning, to make the most of what He has given us. Keep striving toward your potential and keep doing great things!

  13. I really like your point about how personal growth increases your sense of motivation and confidence. Knocking down goals gives you the confidence to go through more tough times in the future.

    • Loren,

      Yes, it sure does. Personal growth can allow us to accomplish our small and big goals. It can be the spark needed. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

  14. Confidence has to be a big one for me. That’s the thing I associate with personal growth the most. It’s like this: you grow as a person which means you’re expanding yourself and your awareness of what you’re capable of doing. That, in turn, makes you more comfortable with yourself and makes you realize that you’re more capable than you thought.

    It’s like every time I grow as a person, I understand that I can do more. I stretch my mind and skills in ways I would never have dreamed of years ago. I guess that’s what I consider the biggest benefit of personal growth.