5 Characteristics Of A Godly Vision

[For the next 2 week I’ll be concentrating on my new job position with the County of San Diego. During this time I’ll be re-posting some past blog posts (Primarily one’s that most people have never read) and have limited time online. This is so I can adjust to my new job position, schedule, and responsibilities.]

When I was growing up my family went to a church with about 50 weekly attendees, which is still the case today. Looking back now I can see many factors which caused them not to become an Acts church. The main factors where the lack of leadership and vision. The truth is that if both of these are not at play in a church or ministry, then it will become stagnant and eventually perish.

This is why vision and leadership are essential in a church or ministry. Today though let’s focus on the vision aspect. If we desire to see results and advancements in the kingdom then a Godly vision is required. Here are 5 characteristics of a Godly vision,

1. The vision leads to helping others- A Godly vision is about helping other people. It’s the core aspect of the vision. It does not matter the size of the church or ministry, the outcome should be helping others. The vision should help people develop personally and spiritually.

2. The vision glorifies God- Church leaders should desire to glorify God in everything they do, which involves their life and the vision. Both of these things need to be pointing toward glorifying God’s name. Which is done by making sure the message or delivery of the ministry has a clear focus on God.

3. The vision is future focused- The key to a Godly vision is showing others a picture of a better future. The church and/or ministry needs to be moving forward and showing your people a clear and better future. This needs to be God-made and not man-made. Because only a Godly vision truly helps a person or group move toward a better future.

4. The vision defeats the devil- The purpose of a Godly vision is to destroy the works of the enemy. We should have ministries and outreaches which defeats the enemy’s plans and work.

5. The vision advances God’s kingdom- A Godly vision should be Biblically based and advancing the kingdom of God. We can easily know if we are advancing the kingdom if the church or ministry is always growing and ministering to other people.

Each of these 5 characteristics is essential in a Godly vision. If you desire to reach your church’s and/or ministries full potential then vision is needed.

Question: What are some other characteristics of a Godly vision?

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34 thoughts on “5 Characteristics Of A Godly Vision

  1. Great points on vision Dan! Vision is so important to bringing the Kingdom of God on this earth. The Bible says “Without vision the people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18). This literally means that without Godly vision the people will run wild without moral restraint. We need more people stepping out in faith pursuing the vision that God has placed in their hearts.

  2. Great post, Dan. I love your points. I was thinking too with your second point that people want a pastor who is living out his faith. When they can see him changing and growing from year to year, they know he’s in the trenches and knows what he’s talking about when he preaches. I think this makes them more likely to ask for advice and more likely to respect their pastor. It also makes it more likely that he can give wise counsel. Enjoy your new job, Dan, and thanks for a look at some of these posts we may not have seen before!

    • Yes, it reminds me about the importance of leading through example. To live out the vision and take action on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing:) Yes, It’s nice to be able to share some of these posts that many people have not read yet (and to be able to fully focus on my new job:)

  3. I hope you’re enjoying your new job Dan. Great succinct points here. God’s vision comes from His calling in our lives. Instead of ‘concocting’ our vision, we ought to learn how to listen to God’s call. As we live in obedience to His call, our vision and His vision overlaps.

  4. I love how the Lord led Israel out of Egypt. He said, I am taking you to a land flowing with milk and honey. He gave them a picture of their future. We must do the same. This is so key to leading God’s people. Enjoyed the post!

  5. I think a good vision inspires. It’s more than simply saying where we’re going. It’s creating such a compelling depiction of where that is that people can’t help but be amped to want to get there.

  6. God bless you and your family as you transition!

    When I think of Godly Vision I think of Light. God’s light transcends all darkness. It manifests anything hidden. It call people to move, to act, to respond.

    As a dear Pastor friend of mine says, when people leave church they leave in one of two ways: either closer to God for farther from Him. How we leave is up to us. But we never leave unchanged.

    Seeing God’s light will create some form of change in us. We will either move closer to the light or shrink back into the shadows.

    • Thank you, TC Avey:)

      Those are some wise words from your Pastor friend. That’s defiantly true. A good vision allows more people to see God’s light. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  7. Congrats on the new job Dan. – I would add that the vision has to be bigger than who they are. They have vision that only God can make it happen. We are called to live by faith so our vision should require it. Either we serve a big God or we don’t. – I say go big with your vision.

  8. A Godly vision brings you closer to God. If it’s a Godly vision no matter the obstacles you’ll be drawn to the Lord even when the going gets tough.

  9. I think one of the most important aspects of Godly vision is that is must come out of the leaders understanding of God’s Word. Vision apart from God’s Word is really nothing more than man’s ambition.