The Thinking Leader

One of the hardest things for most leaders is to set time to think. It’s one of the most challenging but also most rewarding things a leader can do. A leader should regularly separate from the world, sit down, clear their mind and think. After talking to a leader or business person for a few minutes you can often tell if they take the time to think. The people that take time to think have relevant and fresh ideas. They are people who raise you to a new level of thinking. On the other hand there are people who do not take time to think. These are people that when you talk to them never have a new or fresh idea. So why should you take time to think? Below is a point John Maxwell has mentioned in one of his books,

· Poor thinking produces negative progress.

· Average thinking produces no progress.

· Good thinking produces some progress.

· Great thinking produces great progress.

If you want to see growth in your business or life then thinking time is a must. How does a leader move from poor or average thinking to great thinking? Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Have an inflow of good input and thoughts.

2. Be around great thinkers.

3. Chose to think good thoughts.

4. Find a place to think your thoughts.

5. Find a place to speak your thoughts.

6. Find a place to use your thoughts.

Most people can see the difference between a person who does and doesn’t think. Thinking will separate your ideas and thoughts from others. It takes time to go from good to great thinking but by adding one or all six of the above points, we can accomplish great thinking. Do you have enough time to think? What are your thoughts on John’s four points about thinking and progress? Which of the six points can you add to your life? Is there something that’s not listed that works for you?

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