The Little Things Can Destroy A Christian Leader’s Heart

It’s often the small and unchecked things which over time can cause a leader’s heart to become bad or corrupt. A heart does not change overnight, this is why we need to consistently guard our hearts. We have all seen leader’s who’s heart changed for the worse. Leader’s who at one time served God with their whole heart. But because of allowing small unchecked issues come in their heart, the conditions of their heart changed for the worse becoming bad or corrupt. Which always causes them to lose influence and often their position.

We can guard against small things which destroy our heart if we apply the wisdom of king Solomon who said, “Catch all the small foxes because it’s the small foxes that destroy our heart and life” (Song of Songs 2:15, Dan Black Version). This means we need to be on guard against anything which might seem small but could cause destruction.

I would encourage you to spend some time checking your current heart condition. If God reveals anything which might destroy your heart or life (no matter the size of the issue), make the choice to work through it and eliminate the issues.



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4 thoughts on “The Little Things Can Destroy A Christian Leader’s Heart

  1. It’s true. I think the enemy often tries to distract us with the small problems so we won’t see those little foxes eating away at our character.

    • Thank you for sharing Matthew. I think church leader’s need to especially keep a watch on those small foxes because we have a bigger target on us.

  2. Important and powerful! We can never underestimate the power of personal, spiritual inventory. Even small things that are not necessarily sinful can lead us down the wrong path if not kept in check!

    Great post, Dan!

    • Thank you for reading Noah. You brought up a key point, which was the “small things which are not necessarily sinful can lead us down the wrong path.” Most of the time those things turn into sin or causing us to be at a distance from God.