Receive 6 Special Bonuses when you buy The Leadership Mandate between Sept. 30th – Oct. 7th

It is the official release date of my book: The Leadership Mandate. When you purchase my book between September 30th – October 7th and then forward (email) the receipt to I’ll send you these special bonuses:

Bonus #1

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills? Joseph Lalonde was been generous enough to offer his coaching services for 50 % off is regular price for those who buy my book. Joseph excels at helping leaders at all levels. To view his coaching page click here.

Bonus #2

Like most of us, Ngina Otiende has gone through various seasons of change – joblessness, starting a business, relocation, loss of a loved one, leadership transitions, marriage, to name a few. But like most of us and for some portion of the seasons, I took the kicking and screaming lane. Navigating Change is a collection of my experiences and lessons in this journey.

Bonus #3

Vision Impact! by Bernard Haynes shows you: How to Realize Your Vision, Implement Your Plan and Impact Your World, contains forty-two short, easy to read inspiring messages that present practical insight, instruction and inspiration on how to develop and implement your personal and/or family vision plan.

Bonus #4

Kimanzi Constable’s little guide will help you figure out what your dream really is. It’s not the magical cure to all your problems but it will help you figure out where to start. There are exercises, lessons and a bunch of content that will help you narrow things down and finally crack the code to your dreams.

Bonus #5

Ernie Wenk wrote this booklet for people who have just been promoted into a supervisor position or who are thinking about going into management. You will learn fundamentals that allow you to successfully supervise other people.

Bonus #6

Collaboratively written by Jared Latigo, Kimanzi Constable, Mike Vardy, and Dan Black this book will help you increase your influence and achieve great things by using your online platform. The authors help you turn your struggling blog into an empire.

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