Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman

You can see while reading the book that George Foreman brings his life experiences of being a family man, business person, boxer, preacher, and an entrepreneur. This knockout book is for anyone who wants to do something great and leave a legacy. He talks about looking for great opportunities that you believe in and can stand for, while having integrity and character in your life.

A challenge this book brought me was to continue to have my values and priorities in line. He talks about the greatest priorities in life being, “faith, family, and community.” I agree that those values are essential for every person. He supports these values by providing insights from other successful leaders and passages from the Bible. I noticed a well balance between his thoughts and biblical scriptures.

There is a chapter on “Never Listening to the Crowd”. In which he tells the readers that he never listens or makes choices based on what the crowd was saying. He says, “Always be kind to the crowd, but never allow them to influence what you think or do for yourself. As a Knockout Entrepreneur, don’t follow the crowd; let them follow you.” This is one of the keys to be successful and rise above the crowd.

I have and will continue to recommend this attention gripping book, for anyone who is interested in business or personal growth. By looking at successful entrepreneurs like George Foreman we can grow in our faith and wisdom.

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