Find Your Optimal Writing Time

Besides blitz of motivation during the day to write, I have found the best time for me to write is in the evening. One of the reasons I believe this is my optimal writing time is because I’m a night person. It is easier for me to write and think during the evening time.

I believe each person has a optimal writing time. It might be in the morning, afternoon, or like me in the evening. The key is to figure out when your best writing and thinking time is, then rearrange your schedule to write during that time.

A perfect example of someone who has found their optimal writing time is Ian Cron the author of Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of Sorts.  In an interview he did with Michael Hyatt (You can watch the interview here) He talks about writing from 6 A.M. until Noon.

If I had to guess, I would say he writes in the morning because he sees the best results in his writing and thinking during that time. But if people like me tried to write and think during the morning time, then nothing great would be written. Finding your optimal writing time can be done if you find the time of day,

When you are the most creative.

When you have the most energy.

When you are the most focused.

When you are free from distractions.

When you are the most relaxed.

When you feel the most inspired.

When you are able to think clearly.

When is your optimal writing time? How have you found this to be true?

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Optimal Writing Time

  1. My optimal sermon writing time is from early morning until about 8 or 9 (the secretary gets here then and interruptions begin). After that, I might as well hang it up. My worst is the afternoon from about 1-4. It picks up again around that time until about 6 or so.

    • It sounds like you have a good system down. It’s good to know when the best times to write and think are, I beleive its a key to effective time management. Thank you for sharing.