5 Practical Methods to Increase your Energy Level

Leaders understand the importance of maintaining a high level of energy. They know if they have energy it creates stamina and endurance that helps in producing results, leading effectively, increasing productivity, and moving the team or organization toward the vision. In fact, energy is a prerequisite to success and achievement. Below are 5 practical methods for increasing and maintaining your energy level:

1. Exercise- Regular exercise strengths your body and creates natural energy. Exercising releases endorphins (A chemical in the brain) which increase your mood, energy, and well-being. These benefits will outweigh the time and effort you put into exercising or working out. A practical way for a leader to exercise is to implement it into their daily routine.

Three ways you can begin to adapt this method include: Parking at the end of a parking lot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing some cardio during a break. This can take a little time but if you implement these types of habits into your daily life you will see the results.

2. Mindset- Your thoughts and mindset can determine your energy level. If you walk around all day saying things similar to “I’m so tired” or “I need rest” then your body is going to consider those thoughts as real, in turn it will impact your energy level. This is why it’s crucial to focus on and think about the energy level you want and not your current feelings. This might mean you have to fake it until your body and mind starts agreeing with you.

3. Personal Growth- One of the benefits to personal growth and development is that it has the power to increase your energy and motivation. Your growth generates energy. This is because when you read, attend a conference, listen to audio, or are mentored the result is that you will leave the activity inspired, motivated, and reenergized. Just take a minute to think about the last time you read or listened to personal growth content. How did that content make you feel during and after? If you’re like most people it caused you to fee inspired and energized to take action.

4. Sleep- Those who get enough sleep on a regular basis can positively impact their immune system, mental composite, work effectiveness, and energy level. This is because sleep rests your body and recharges you. The opposite is also true for those who forsake sleep. This is why it’s important for you to figure out how many hours of sleep your body needs each night and then discipline yourself to obtain that amount on a regular basis. During your day you can also take advantage of a short (I recommend a 15-20 minute) nap. When you feel tired or have low energy a powernap can boost your energy level.

5. Relationships- The relationships you have and those you associate with can greatly determine your energy level. Leadership is about being and influencing those around you which takes effort and energy. However, the truth is some people cause you to be energized while others drain your energy. To avoid the relationships that negatively impact your energy and leadership be intentional about people you spend the majority of your time with. You should care and value everyone while investing your time on the relationships that reap a mutual return. Take time to find and place the right people in your inner circle and on your team.

Questions: Can you add to the list? What are some other practical methods to increasing your energy level? What has been the best way you have created or maintained your energy level?

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96 thoughts on “5 Practical Methods to Increase your Energy Level

  1. I’ll jump in with – and correct me if I’m wrong – prayer. The list covered so many things that affect our spiritual selves but it left off one I’d consider crucial. Just a thought :)

    Great list, BTW – I’ll be printing this one out :) Thanks, Dan!

  2. I could add take EPO or steroids. Just kidding. Good list Dan. On the exercise I totally agree. On the sleeping: just recently a young man was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The pap machine is making a world of difference for him. I figure this would come under exercise but how about eating right and/or losing weight?

    • HA, that’s funny and sad at the same time. Glad you enjoyed the post. Eating right is a great addition, certain foods can cause us to feel energetic and awake. Healthy eating is so important in the fast food society. Thank you for reading and sharing Bill:)

  3. Dan, I agree that exercise plays a huge role in our energy level. Not sure if you knew, but 15 minuets of cardio a day is said to decrease depression by 75%. I think we all agree that an active life equals a more productive life. For me, energy comes from accomplishment. If I can accomplish a task on my agenda, it seems to boost my energy to a new level and I am able to complete other tasks. Thank you for this list!

  4. Use a stand up desk. I started that more than two years ago and it has made a huge impact.

    I only have one at my office, not at home. I’ve worked from home the past week since we’ve had contractors in and out…and I notice the difference. I am more tired at the end of the day after sitting all day.

    Get up. Stand up. (OK, now that I have Bob Marley in your head…you’re welcome)

  5. Great post, Dan! With each of our personality styles, a different method will apply. For instance, I feed off the energy and affirmation of others, so relationships are the most important factor for my energy level. Since I’m an achiever, Personal Growth is also huge because I can feel the forward momentum.

    • Great point Justin! The method that best works for you might not be the best for me. It’s why each person must discover their personality style and what works best for them. Thank you for adding to the topic. I appreciate you.

  6. #6 Coffee – I think you left that one off! I actually really enjoy a good cup of black coffee. The taste, the aroma… I enjoy having a cup of black coffee. No sugar or cream, just a nice brew.

    In all seriousness, how we eat has a big affect on how we feel. I like drastic examples to make a point, so try this. Eat a slice of pizza for lunch one day, and then a turkey sandwich with veggies the next. I’m positive the difference in how you feel would be noticeable. Now imagine that difference compounded over the course of a week or a month!

    What goes in must come out. And it comes out in our energy levels, and even thoughts.

  7. Great list Dan! Something I would add is: eat impeccably. I see food as fuel, and it’s what propels me through every day with a ton of energy. I really notice the impact that eating junk food has on my energy levels, as well as how much energy I have when I’ve been eating incredibly well for a few days straight.

    • I totally agree and relate with you. The right food and drink can create and increase our energy. My wife and myself are starting to eat a lot more fruit and veggies for snacks and during meals and it really helps. Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts, thank you:)

  8. One of the best things I’ve heard said was from Brendan Burchard when he said: “The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates it.” One way we can do that is through some of the things you’re talking about. Regular exercise, eating right and getting the right amount of rest are absolutely key.

    • Hey Kimanzi,

      What a great and power quote! Your a great example of someone taking initiative on exercising and getting it shape. Love reading your Facebook posts about your weight loss progress. Keep it up my friend. Thank you for sharing.

    • Love the quote Kimanzi. I think consistency is key. So often people take up key initiatives to inject energy in their lives such as exercising, but how many people do it day after day. This may mean enduring pain and persevering in the midst of trial. I’m supporting your weight loss initiative. Your status keeps me energized as well.

  9. Love the list Dan, all are spot on. In addition, the more clarity we have about our strengths and passions and live them, the more energy we have. Too many of us aren’t making a living from a combination of our strengths and passions, we know that but don’t have a plan to eventually get there. Even if it took two years (or more), acting on our plan creates incredible energy during the journey.

  10. Space… time… margin… balance…rest… whatever you want to call it. We need to have time to be and reflect. We need to allow time for the unexpected. I neglected rest, which includes but is not limited to sleep, and ended up in a crash and burn state. After rebuilding, I don’t want to ever go back to not having enough margin, which greatly impacts my energy level. And, we must realize that for any of these points, it’s all relative. What one person needs may not be what another needs. We will all have a unique combination.

  11. Great list. I would add nutrition here. If I eat a lot of fat and sugar, I’m going to be very tired afterward. Even caffeine can leave you in a slump when it wears off. So glad you wrote this as it’s an important topic for leaders.

    • Absolutely Melanie! Along with exercise, eating a fresh, healthy diet has made a tremendous difference in my energy level. Cutting out soda, fried foods, and junk foods and replacing with water, “lighter” more frequent meals, and fruit, nuts or granola in place of chips has made huge difference in my energy levels and overall “feel good-ness”

    • Hello Jon,

      Glad you enjoyed the points. I just applying these and other methods a habit. When we intentionally and deliberately implement these habits into our life we will reap the benefits. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  12. I’d say when I help someone I cannot help but feel a deep sense of joy. This joy creates energy that sustains itself for a long time. There’s a few things that gives greater satisfaction than using my God-given talents and potential to further another person’s lives. It’s thoroughly exhilarating.

    • While we don’t always see the results in the lives we touch, there is peace and satisfaction in knowing you’ve used what has been trusted to you for the benefits of others.

  13. Wow, there’s some great tips in the blog and in the comments. I’ve found that creating some time to get out and go hiking, along with all the other tips, helps me. Also, meditating. Meditating for a few minutes calms me down.
    The biggest increases in energy I have recently gotten was from quitting smoking, exercising and changing my eating habits.

    • Hello Sutton,

      Glad you enjoyed the post and comment. Mediation is a great additional one. It’s amazing how renewed and energized we feel after taking some time to stop, calm our mind, and reflect or mediate Keep making the changes that produce energy! Great job about not smoking any more.

  14. I’d go a little further with exercise, like adding a gym membership, running, or bicycling to the list. The last two can be hard for me. I do not always sleep well. And whether I like it or not, I have to have some relationships with a few people who are negative in my life.

    • Great addition thoughts about exercise. I hear you about sleep, it’s something I’m working on as well. It can be difficult some nights with a 19 month old:) Thanks for reading and adding to the discussion.

  15. This was a great list Dan.

    I would add “measuring progress to see how far you have come.” Nothing gets me more motivated and energetic than to realize how much progress I have made. It’s easy to forget unless you measure it. By making it tangible – your energy boost is exponential.

    Awesome stuff Dan.

    • Hello Kevin,

      It’s great to see you here! That’s a great addition. Setting goals and making progress on them can really energize a person. Thank you for taking the time to read and add to the topic.

  16. Haha, yes, I agree with Ellory, you need to have coffee on that list. :) I would also say that my energy is often affected by my state of mind – so if I’m feeling worried, stressed, etc, I feel less energetic. I find that if I take the time to go to God and work through whatever is troubling me, I immediately have more energy. When I don’t take the time to work through it, I either waste time or have a hard time concentrating because it’s always there in the back of my mind sapping my energy.

    • Great points Barb! Seeking God and renewing our minds (like you write about so well) is a great way to renew are energy. It reminds me of Isaiah 40:31 which says, “But they that wait upon the Lord
      shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
      they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Thank you for adding your thoughts to this discussion.

  17. I would add rest in the sense that goes beyond simply sleeping but into mind rest or body rest or soul rest. Being able to be still for a certain amount of time that is built into your schedule…but i would definitely agree with physical rest! Those 8 hours definitely help make life a lot easier and mix in a few pas and life it great! You definitely feel it when you aren’t regularly getting enough sleep!

  18. Dan excellent advice and I agree with your list. I see good nutrition has also been suggested and I agree with that one for sure. Coffee :-) I need one to kick start myself in the morning but I try not to over do coffee. I used to be an addict!

    Meditation is good. Even short ones to quite the mind and get in touch with our creativity. A long walk and taking in nature can help that too.

    Thanks Dan for a great post.


    • Hello Sue,

      Glad you enjoyed the list and I hope it helps you. Coffee, is essential!!! Great additions, I also really enjoying taking walk (especially alone the beach). Thank you for sharing.

  19. I love this post so much! One that I would add is serving others. As much as it can be tiresome, it also is rewarding and tends to give me energy and motivation to do it more often. This adds more energy to my spiritual and physical life. :)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post:) Great addition! It’s amazing how much energy and fulfillment that comes from serving those around us. Thank you for reading and sharing. I hope to see you again.

  20. I like the ideas of exercies and personal growth – they’ve both worked for me.
    I’d guess I’d add action taking.
    This creates habit and momentum, and if it’s action towards a defined goal, you’ll find yourself wanting to do more, and energy considerations tend to fade away.
    Thanks for the reminders,
    Cheers, Gordon

    • Hello Gordon,

      Great addition! Action can defiantly lead to an increase of energy and motivation. Thank you for taking the time to read and add to the conversation.

  21. I see a lot of people putting down coffee. Yeah, that’s one I use too. Even on those mornings I feel slow, after a cup or two I’m ready to go. Another thing I’d add is a good diet. When you eat your fruits and vegetables, you get more energetic. I always feel lethargic when I eat bad junk food for too many days in a row. When you put good stuff in, you get good out.

    • Ya, coffees a good one when in moderation. Great point about diet, I’ve recently started to eat more fruit during the day and have seen the benefits (It creates natural energy). Thank you for adding to the discussion. It’s always great to hear from you.

    • Good stuff Steve. The people who down coffee are Ding Dongs. Anything in excess is bad for you but coffee is a superb antioxidant. Good quality coffee that is. Just watch the cheap stuff and the mycotoxins they bring.

  22. Hi Dan,

    Great insight! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that personal growth and development has the power to increase our energy and motivation. With that comes better results! That in turn energizes us even more!

    For adding to your list, I would say “Passion” for what we do. Passion keeps us energized because it is a pleasurable experience to do things that we love to do.

    Thank you for your thoughts, Dan!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  23. I’m surprised you left off diet! I’ve found that not eating a lot of sugar or starches really helps me stay at a consistent energy level throughout the day instead of crashing.

  24. I am convinced sleep is one of the most underrated practices out there. Everywhere I look now I seem to be discovering hidden benefits about it via one study or another. I guess with it being something we all do it’s not always easy to recognise it’s true value. But I really like that point about disciplining ourselves to get enough of it. Sleep and discipline aren’t words often found in the same sentence and perhaps that’s part of the problem.

    • I totally agree with that Micah! Sleep is so important but a lot of people under value it. Thank you for taking the time to read and add to the discussion.