Four Rewards of Becoming a Competent Leader

Anyone can receive the rewards from becoming a competent leader. It does not matter your industry, professional field, or position. When you chose to grow and develop your leadership abilities you will reap the rewards. However, to become an experienced and competent leader takes time, effort, discipline, and action. The investment is worth the rewards. Here are four rewards of becoming a competent leader:

1. Your influence is maximized

Leadership is the ability to influence those around you. When you raise your leadership competence you are better equipped to impact people on a greater level. It positions you to be a 360 degree leader, having influence with your followers and also those beside and above you. Being a competent leader allows you to expand your reach and influence.

2. You excel toward your potential

Your purpose and dreams require that you become a leader, on some level. Wherever you want to go in life and whatever you want to achieve, you can do it faster and arrive quicker when you raise your leadership competence. The leadership skills you develop excel you forward and toward your personal potential.

3. You establish your authority

Being a competent leader allows you to be seen as an authority figure or expert on the topic of leadership. Those around you will see the knowledge and experience have and know you have something valuable and worthy to say. People will seek your advice and counsel because you have authority in the area of leadership. Authority raises you above the competition.

4. You reap the rewards of your effort

When you become a competent leader you gain inner satisfaction about the impact you have, as well as reap the perks and financial rewards. Those who are highly skilled and effective in the area of leadership will be properly compensated for their competence and effort.

Proverbs 22:29 is something we should remember and keep in mind. It says, “Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials or low ranks.” Whatever you do make sure you invest time and effort into becoming a competent leader.

Question: Can you add to the list? What are some other rewards or benefits to being a competent leader?

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68 thoughts on “Four Rewards of Becoming a Competent Leader

  1. We all know that the greater reward is the one you articulate– the inner satisfaction and greater contentment with our work! Further, when you’re a competent leader, you have the opportunity to open doors for others (reading Bill Treasurer’s book now). THAT is the purpose of a leader. Great post, Dan!

    • That’s great, being able to “open doors for others” is so valuable. I’ve had several leaders open the door for myself and allowed me to lead. Those people are always a blessing. Thank you for adding to the conversation:)

  2. I like the list. I might add the gratification of goals met and seeing the benefit you bring to the lives of others via your vision. It’s also a good way to measure where we are…

  3. Hard to add to this list, you hit most of the main points.
    I’d just add a sense of pride and contentment that comes with performing to the best of our God-given abilities.

  4. What I like is your mention of influence. My addition aligns with this, in the ability to equip others, to empower them, to engage them. It creates possibilities for others.

  5. Excellent post Dan. Here’s another reward: The more we grow in our leadership capacity, the more we are given challenging, interesting and rewarding “problems.”

    • I like that one, Alan. The more capacity we have, the more others will utilize it! Reminds me of the reward I get at work for being efficient….more work!

      • You’re right about that Tom. In my executive coaching work, I see over and over again that the ones who are the best at what they do are often given more work by upper management because management doesn’t know how to deal with the less effective team members.

    • Hello Amy,

      Ya, that’s a powerful quote. Amen, our desire to be competent should be to expand God’s kingdom and not for only personal reasons. Thank you for taking the time to add to the discussion.

  6. The singular benefit of being a competent leader stewarding God’s talents, resources, and opportunities to REPRODUCE. I think building competence is not an end of itself, but an mean to an end. The end is to glorify God, but how? By reproducing greatness. Our job as spiritual leaders is be a faithful steward. Those are my 2 cents Dan. Great post!

  7. Dan, check your 360 leader link; I don’t think it goes where you want it to. I think one of the biggest benefactors of my personal leadership journey is myself. While that may seem obvious, the process in itself is often very rewarding! I think a great way to summarize personal growth is this: you can’t help others if you’re not able to help yourself first; If you’re down, you can’t pull others up.

    Have you heard of John Maxwell’s Law of the Lid? I’m not sure which of his books it is in but your article lines up well with that Law pretty well.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the link. It should be fixed. Great point about first leading and helping self. That’s essential when it comes to influence and having an impact.

      Yep, I’ve heard of that principle and it’s a great one. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  8. A competent leader is one that has made the previous mistakes learn from them and keep improving again and again. I always keep asking the question how long would it take a baby to walk? Until.. So one other reward of being a competent leader is knowing how to respond in any situation.

  9. I think as you become a more competent leader, you free up much more of your time to do the things that matter. You learn skills like delegation, time management, and more.

  10. I think it’s impossible to become a competent leader without building a lot of good relationships along the way. Those relationships would also be a great reward!

  11. What to add? Hmmm…I think for the Christian it would the ability to better win people to Christ. I mean technically we are called to “lead” people to Him and the more effective we become at leadership the better we can be in doing that.

    • Great addition Mike! Along the same lines I would say hearing God say “well done good and faithful servant” (Like what Ngina said). Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • Hello David,

      It’s great to hear from you! Great thoughts about the daily battles. It’s about having attitude and mindset of always moving forward. Thank you for reading and sharing.

      ps. How are you doing?

  12. hey Dan, I think as Dan Erickson points out, you get to train new leaders! Develop and inspire them to become better leaders in their own lives. Also as a competent leader, you’re able to get things done; achieve results, meet targets and goals and achieve a vision. So many benefits and rewards with our personal leadership development.

  13. Number 5: You get to move forward with you purpose.

    Never underestimate the power of purpose in driving a leader forward. Without a cause, what are you leading for? Becoming a leader means taking responsibility for your cause and seeing to it that it progresses. Great leadership always begins with a great cause.


  14. I’ve discovered, that even though I’m not intentionally working toward being a leader, that I slowly gain authority by doing more than saying. I think action equals influence. Helping others learn the same lessons as I’m learning is a reward.

  15. Point #4: inner satisfaction, for me is the best. The notoriety, financial rewards, etc. are like cherries on top. But the inner satisfaction happens when your life is aligned with your calling. When you have that, you can lead unhindered.

    • I feel the same way Sean. It’s amazing the inner satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from living our purpose and serving God. Thank you for sharing.

  16. A competent leader, I think it is the dream of many people. But really, not everyone can do that. 4 points you can give will be the motivation, advice and what affects one part of the reader think.

    • I personally believe if anyone is intentional they can be a competent leader. It just takes time, effort, and discipline. YES, they can really motivate us to strive toward competence. Thank you for reading and sharing.