Things That Stop Success

We all should strive to become successful both in our personal and professional lives. But there are many people with the potential for success who never become successful. This is because many things can effect or stop a leader from being successful. They include both small and big things that will stop you from becoming successful. Things like,

Not being consistent.

Not having vision.

Not having goals.

Not being disciplined.

Not focusing on your strengths.

Not serving.

Not building trust.

Not being humble.

Not being active.

Not growing and developing.

Not being teachable.

Not equipping your people.

Not pursing your passions and dreams.

Not being ethical.

The key is to remove the “Not” from each of these things so you can move toward success.

What are some other success stoppers?

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4 thoughts on “Things That Stop Success

  1. Not sure how to put this one Dan but I think one can be Not having self-control. Love your list! (and your new look). Love that you have changed from Blogger to (is it) WP? Those two-three extra steps of identification were a nuisance. :)

    • Not having self-control is a key factor. great addition. So happy to hear that the commenting is easier. As always thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Love the list! And the new blog!

    I would add: Not communicating well! The ability to communicate is invaluable!

    Great post, Dan!

    • Hello Noah,
      This is an essential one. Thank you for adding to the list. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and additions.