Why Writers And Bloggers Should Always Carry A Voice Recorder

I have lost numerous ideas and thoughts because of not having a pen or paper around me. I would always say, I’ll remember it and write it down later but this was often not the case. And when I did remember to write down the thought, I found it was not as good as the original one. So I started to use my phones voice recorder.

I have found it very helpful in capturing my ideas and thoughts. Or when I’m listening to a leadership CD in my car and want to record what the person is saying. I then write down and expand on the original thought. Usually turning it into a blog post. I have found it very beneficial to my writing and blogging. I would like to encourage you to always have a voice recorder around you. So all your thoughts would be captured.

Do you use a voice recorder to help you remember your thoughts? (When paper or pen or not present)

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8 thoughts on “Why Writers And Bloggers Should Always Carry A Voice Recorder

  1. That's an interesting idea that I never really thought of. I always carry a pen in my pocket and tend to make notes on any piece of paper I can find. Of course I often lose some of those pieces of paper so I'll consider your idea.

  2. Matthew,
    Having paper and a pen on you is a great idea. I have found it easier while driving to record instead of trying to write and drive. It also helps me not loose the paper. It might work for you, you should try it.

  3. I used to but they don't last very long. Besides, my memory is such a trap it collects everything. Yeah, and I have some land in the Everglades I will see you. :) I am somewhat saved on this though Dan since I cannot drive and listen to a teaching tape at the same time. Multi-tasking (which that covers) is not a strong suit of mine. Good thought though.

  4. Bill,
    I wish I had a great memory like you. It's just one tool a person can use to capture their thoughts and ideas without loosing them. Thank you for reading.

  5. This is a brilliant idea! I so often 'practice' writing my posts while driving, but then when I get home they sounded so much better in the spoken form and it is so frustrating!
    Since I am a musician I have a great little recorder (we need them for recording things all the time), so I think I will take you up on this advice! awesome!

  6. Healing Leaf,
    Glad you enjoyed the post. I found that the best thing to do is to get the thought down as quickly as you can.

  7. Excellent point Dan. I have found since I now have my Android HTC Inspire always with me I have began using Evernote’s Voice Notes. This voice note is then automatically synced with all my other devices, including my desktops, web accessible if I’m not at my machine, and if I place the voice note in a shared folder, I can have someone in the process working on the idea before I even begin to do my own follow up.

    Good Hunting.

    • I also use Evernote on my Android and it is amazing. Glad to hear you are benefiting from it.

      I use it for remembering my thoughts for future blog posts. I have about 50 thoughts or topics right now. When I use a note I delete it so it does not become to many notes. I have found that when I do this I always have a spark when I write.

      What is to main thing you use Evernote for? How many notes do you have?