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6 thoughts on “Having A Growth Plan

  1. Wow so true! "We over exaggerate the past, we overestimate the future, but we undervalue today" I guess it's time to start making a plan.

  2. Matthew,
    It's so true. I think a lot of people(myself included) don't value today as much as we should. I'm working on a post about setting up a personal development plan. Which will help leaders plan to grow. Thanks for watching.

  3. Dan,

    Thanks for posting this session from John. I love the Today Matters book.

    Also, your site is incredible! I love the amount of work and leadership content you have here.

    You have a regular reader.

    Brian Dodd

  4. Brian,
    Glad you enjoyed the video. I watched it a few times. I also enjoy his books.

    I'm really glad you like the site. My desire is to help leaders become better. I look forward to connecting with you even more.

    Have a great day,