20 Rewards To Having Wisdom

Looking into history we can see the benefits of leader’s having wisdom. One such person was King Solomon, who ruled Israel around 986 B.C. As a young king he had a desire to lead with wisdom. Throughout his life Solomon’s wisdom, success, and wealth increased beyond imagination.

One benefit was that his wealth grew beyond “any king before him or any king to come.” In today’s culture it has been said that he would have been a “trillionaire” as well as his gold reserves reaching into the billions. Today’s leaders can also benefit from having wisdom. Here are 20 rewards in having wisdom:

• Knowledge
• Discretion
• Good judgment
• Preservation and protection
• Success
• Better health
• Longer life
• Honor
• Financial abundance
• Favor of those in authority
• Commendation and promotions
• Financial independence
• Confidence
• Strength of character
• Courage
• Extraordinary achievement
• Personal fulfillment
• Great relationships
• A truly meaningful life
• Love and admiration of others
• Understanding

Question: What are your thoughts about wisdom and its rewards?

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6 thoughts on “20 Rewards To Having Wisdom

  1. Solomon said it is better to get wisdom than anything else. I think your list about says it all and why. Good job Dan.

  2. Becky,
    Its great to hear from you.I believe as we ask God for wisdom He will give it to us and then the above benefits will follow. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love the list!
    As for King Solomon… he might have started off as really wise, but even though he managed to hold onto his riches, because of his disobedience to God, he did not manage to hold onto his wisdom.
    1 Kings 11:4-10
    I will continue to pray for wisdom (James 1:5), and I know that if I earnestly seek and ask it will be given to me.

  4. Healing Leaf( What is your name/I could not find it on your site)

    Great point. They key to having wisdom is to determine to make the right choices. I love the verse in James 1:5. It's the key to growing in wisdom.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.