The Dark Side Of John F. Kennedy

As the 35th president John F. Kennedy had many accomplishments. He, “launched the United States on a quest to conquer the final frontier of space, set the pace at the beginning of the Cold War, and left an indelible mark on the American psyche.” His life is an example of someone who had a successful professional life while his personal life was destructive. Author Gary McIntosh says this about John F. Kennedy’s dark side:

“It has only been since his death, after decades of research into previously unavailable documents, that the American public has learned to what extent this was true. Once he attained the ultimate position of power, his dark side became evident to those around him. As president, he too flaunted his adulterous affairs before his wife. Had his term not been cut short by tragedy, it is likely that his dark side would eventually have created serious problems for him. One political insider said, “The whole dark side of John Kennedy wouldn’t emerge until after his death… We had hints of it; we saw it around the edges…. Then we began to see it. You just connected the dots, and there was a picture there (Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership Page 52, 53).”

John F. Kennedy’s story shows the importance of having people in your life that will help you stay away from your dark side. This can be done by having an inner circle of people, which should be people who,

Are trustworthy.

Are growing and changing.

Speak truth and honesty into your life.

Know your story and background.

Care about you.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Hold you accountable.

Don’t care about your title or position.

Have wisdom.

Have a good track record.

Want to see you succeed.

How do you stay away from your dark side?

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9 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of John F. Kennedy

  1. The people around us are extremely important. So many leaders fail because they surround themselves with people pleasers who will affirm them and agree with them. We need people around us who will not be afraid to correct us when we are wrong. My wife is that person for me.

  2. Matthew,
    I agree with you 100 percent. I have seen many good leaders who have isolated themselves and have given into their dark side. If only they had people around them who could speak into their life. Great to hear your wife helps you. I also think their should be other men who do the same. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree that other men should as well. But I think those men will change depending on where I am in life but my wife will always be there to do that.

  4. Mathew,
    I agree with you. My wife helps me a lot and is not changing. While friends come and go. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How do i stay away from my dark side? With difficulty. I am a new man in Christ and have His Spirit within me but that does not keep my old man from wanting to rear his ugly head. I hate to admit it but my wife is not the person who helps me. She is more of the bury my head in the sand type. I rely on…hmmmm…friends (not women) whom I can talk to. Even then, given my position, it is hard. I honestly have no one around here close to keep my feet to the fire.

  6. Bill,
    I have seen many people hold back from having an inner circle of close friends due to their position. I can only say that it is better if you build a inner circle of people that will hold you accountable and help you grow so when you get close to the "fire" they will be their to help you. I would encourage anyone no matter their position or title to be apart or start a inner circle or accountability group. Thank you for your openness and honesty.

  7. Brandon,
    That's great. We all need people who hold us accountable for our actions and behaviors. Looking forward to reading the post.

  8. Bill,
    It's hard some times to find the right people for that inner circle, but it is so important! I would encourage you to pray and ask God to send those people to you. He is faithful to do so. It's also possible that you already know the person or people and haven't recognized them yet.