One Key To Blog Growth

If you want to see growth then this is needed.

It separates people who see growth from those who don’t.

It positions you on the path toward success and achievement.

It’s hard to do but worth it.

If you want your blog to grow then be consistent in posting. The key is consistency.

How do you stay consistent in posting?

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14 thoughts on “One Key To Blog Growth

  1. Having learned this lesson the hard way, I completely agree. I traveled a lot in the past three weeks and blogging became a "back burner" item in my life. That was neither wise nor fair to readers.

    Now I'm back on and won't make that mistake again!

    Great reminder!

  2. Noah,
    Great to hear your back. I hope your travels went well. At least people like me knew you where gone and might not be posting as much. I have made the same mistake. Thank you for sharing.

  3. After three years of on and off blogging, I’ve finally learned the secret for me. It’s to treat it as a class. I regularly teach two Bible studies a week. Now I’m taking a break from teaching locally for five or six months and I just tell myself I need to write my blog twice a week just like I’d prepare for a class. It’s working – I’m even posting more that two times a week sometimes!

    • Barb,

      What a great strategy. Getting in the habit of writing and posting is so important. Have you seen a difference since you started posting more consistently? Thank you for stopping by and reading. Looking forward to checking out your blog.

      • It’s only been a few weeks but, yes, I have – although I’ve stopped checking my stats now because I want to protect myself from discouragement, obsession, insecurity, pride, or anything else that might come along through constant stats checking! I’m going to limit it to once a week on Sundays. I’m actually excited about blogging this time so really appreciate all these posts you have on blogging.

        • Not checking your stats is a good idea. I try and stay away from the numbers and focus on writing and adding value to the people who read my blog. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress as the weeks/months go by.

    • Barb,

      I could not find your contact info and wanted you to know I commented on one of your posts but it did not show up. Can you check your spam? Hopefully you get this message:)

        • Barb,

          You might need to figure out how to allow my comments to come through. Or keep checking your spam box for my comments. Because I commented again and the same thing happened. So the comment should be in your spam?

          • Thanks, Dan. I don’t know why they’re going into spam – especially after I unspammed the first one. I tried to approve it directly from spam this time so I’ll see if that works. At any rate, thanks for taking the time to let me know. This is the first time a regular commenter has gone into spam so I’ll have to work out the kinks I guess.

            • No problem, I wish I could provide a solution but don’t know the cause or how to fix the issue. Its not a big problem though. Are you on any social media sites? If so maybe we can connect their and it might be easier to communicate.