Are you Living or existing? (Book Review)

Today my good friend Kimanzi Constable’s book is releasing, Are you Living or Exciting? 9 steps to change your life. If you buy a copy between May 1st – May 19th he’s offering over $100 worth of free bonuses, click here to check out the bonuses and see what you need to do after you buy your copy. It would be crazy to not buy a copy (Just saying).

Each of us have personal dreams about the things we want to do and achieve in life. This book will help you turn your dreams into reality by taking you through these 9 steps:

  • “Identifying your dreams.”
  • “Getting fit.”
  • Getting rid of the negative.”
  • “Fixing your money.”
  • “Nail down your plans.”
  • “Making the first moves.”
  • “Tying up loose ends.”
  • “Making radical changes.”
  • “Paying it forward.”

What I really enjoyed about this book is that Kimanzi is living out what he writes about. You won’t find theory or useless advice in this book. It’s full of practical and relevant advice that will help you move you toward your dreams. Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“The main difference between living and just existing is your attitude towards what you do, which affects how you do it and how you feel about your life.”

“Begin with the end in mind. If you want to lose fifty pounds, go out and buy some new clothes that you’ll be able to wear when you’ve accomplished your goal. Keep those “skinny” clothes in a prominent place and use them as an object of motivation.”

Being physically fit is about a lot more than your weight; it’s having your body in peak condition which gives strength and energy for every other area of your life.”

“Negativity will keep you where you are now or even drag you farther from where you want to be.”

I highly recommend buying the book before May 19th so you can receive all the great bonuses. You can learn more about Kimanzi Constable here.

Question: What are you dreams and how are you making progress toward them?

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  • I have hit a point where I’m not sure what my dreams are any more.

    • I encourage you to connect with Kimanzi because he might be able to help you.

  • I keep plugging along. My second book is being released today. I have a third in the making.

    • Congratulations Dan!!! Keep it up, your a great example of someone moving toward their dreams.

  • I’m so excited about this book that I had just placed the order on Amazon. Congrats Kimanzi! My dream is to one day become a traveling Evangelist/Certified John Maxwell Coach & Public Speaker. As to how, I have to stay on course and trust God with the results…:-)

    • Great dream Micky. Amen to staying on course and trusting God with the results.

    • Those are great dreams Micky. I know your going to enjoy his book!!! His bonuses are going to be a huge help for you as well. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us.

      • Thanks everyone! We all have a voice and this site is an awesome platform for our voices to be heard. God bless!…:-)

    • Thanks Micky, it’s an honor!

  • I got this one a couple weeks ago! I respect anyone that keeps moving forward. Good job to the both of you.

    • Kimanzi is a great example of someone who persevered and is seeing the great results from it. Hope you enjoyed the book. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks SO much Floyd!

  • This is such a great book and Kimanzi is such an awesome guy. This book will do wonders for most that read it.

    • I agree, the book and Kimanzi are great! Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Great review Dan! and congrats to Kimanzi on it’s launch. I have many dreams : ) My ultimate goal is to help people build strong successful lives through building their capacities. Am making progress..not as quickly as I’d like! But getting there!

    • That’s a great dream! Yes, your making great progress. Can’t wait to see you move further into your dreams. Thank you for sharing.

  • Antoine Martiano

    Thanks for sharing this. Based on just the title, I feel like I want to get my hands on it and peruse immediately. Living is different from merely existing. I like self-help and inspirational books.

    • Then your really going to enjoy this book Antonie! Let me know how you liked it once you read it.

  • Thanks so much for reading and sharing the book Dan, I’m honored :)

  • Great review, Dan. I enjoyed Kimanzi’s book. It wasn’t too heavy, it was easy to read, simple to implement and yet powerful to change lives!

    • I agree, it’s easy to read and relevant content. Glad you enjoyed the books.

  • DS

    Looks like you have some new quotes. Enjoyed the way you presented the book!

    • Yep:) Glad you enjoyed the book review. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • DS

        Make sure you’re taking notes on the launch 😉

  • I have plenty of “skinny” clothes in the closet…maybe I need to pull them out as a reminder to get back there! Thanks for the reminder that this is available now – and for the review. Have a great week!

    • Ha, that’s great Tom:) I also need to lose a few pounds so might do the same. Thank you for checking out the review.

  • Dan, thanks for sharing this book, the idea is very inspiring. I know that is always easy to slip into the existing mode but I do believe that God wants us to live rather than just exist!

    • It sure can be easy to slip into exciting mode. God calls each of us to thrive and excel in life! Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Hi Dan,

    I enjoyed the book review and Kimanzi sounds a like a very inspirational person.

    I liked the idea of beginning with the end in mind. I did this around 5 years back through writing a cheque to my mum for £10 Million. This was to say that one day she’ll be able to cash the cheque. These days, I’m not really as ambitious in terms of money, but doing this with the cheque has helped to keep me on track with my current financial goals.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Hiten,

      He sure is, I highly recommend connecting with him. Great example, thank for sharing about your own life. Glad you took the time to read and share your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  • Tim Bonner

    Great review Dan and it sounds like an interesting read.

    My dreams are all based around my family and we’re working well towards them. Out of debt was the first goal and we succeeded in doing that last year.

    • Thanks Tim. I highly recommend picking up a copy. You have great dreams!!! Basing them around your family is so essential. Thank you for sharing.