Top 7 Characteristics of Superior Leaders

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Anyone has the ability to achieve much in life and it all depends on the drive and motivation you have towards attaining your goals. This is what has given rise to the superior leaders who are individuals with outstanding traits and great potential for success. They are fully capable of presenting unique leadership on any position bestowed upon them irrespective of the possible obstacles. Notably, on such leaders, there are seven main characteristics which make up their wonderful personalities.

Competence is one such attribute. It is mostly attained through studies in learning institutions. This is well demonstrated if you are able to present great professionalism in your work. Therefore, a competent person will be able to contribute to the growth of the company or business through his or her expertise.

Great communication with members and employees is another trait of a superior leader. You cannot be able to present or transfer ideas to the other workers if you have poor communication techniques. It is very essential for there to be good communication between the employees and the head. Communication skills can be enhanced through interacting with the employees in business meetings and occasionally during lunch hour.

Positive attitude and the will to achieve is a trait observable in a superior leader. He or she is able to present great confidence and motivation on the employees by the continued spirit of success no matter the situation at hand. This paints a positive picture on the employees and motivated them to work harder.

Another trait which a superior leader has is that of being interpersonal. The relationship between the employees and the head is of utmost importance if the business is to function successfully. This means that the leader does not only see the people as mere workers, but he or she is able to relate with them. This develops courage among the workers to approach the head and present an issue without the fear of being reprimanded.

A superior leader must also possess the attribute of being inspirational to the rest. He must be able to inspire the employees into working harder to realize set set goals. The leader happens to be a role model and one to look up to for motivation.

Being ambitious is another trait which helps realize great success in a business. A superior leader is not always contented with the current level of success; he is aimed at achieving more. Such a leader ensures that with each moment there is a set goal to attain.

Lastly, a superior leader is not aimed at only improving himself; he has the heart of assisting the workers to strengthen themselves. The leader focuses on ensuring that the workers are improving in several aspects of their lives including performance at work.

Question: What are some other characteristics of a superior leader?

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  • Good post, Sophie. Here are a couple other traits: Vision: the ability to see future trends and act early, and Empathy: the ability to understand how others feel and be forgiving.

    • Great additional traits Dan. Thank you for adding to the post.

  • That’s a great list. I’d say one of the keys to go along with that list is perseverance. It is needed to see all those traits through to the end… which is a long time… Nice post, Sophie. Thanks.

    • I agree, that’s an essential one. Thank you for sharing it.

    • I agree on perseverance. Great call, Floyd.

  • I love that most of these traits focus on the leader’s projected viewpoint. He or she sees and interacts with and meets the needs of others.

    • Great observation. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  • I love the emphasis on the interpersonal aspect of leadership. I think great things are in store when a leader views himself as the servant of his team instead of the boss.

    • It’s an important aspect when it comes to leadership. Servant leaders always win!

  • Very good list of attributes Sophie. In addition, an effective leader is known by how he or she is able to co-create results through others without being on the “front lines”. That takes them from being a single contributor to a leader.

    • Results are essential! If a leader does not produce they won’t have a job for long. Thank you for adding that important aspect Alan.

  • I like that you mentioned interpersonal relationships. I’ve met really smart and talented people who have NO social skills. It really limits the impact they could have.

    Some of my favorite bosses I’ve ever had were those I could relate to.

    • Social and relational skills are so essential. It’s a must for leaders. Thank you for adding that point.

  • Awesome list here Sophie. Great Leaders know where they are going and I believe that having a consistent vision for you team, and having unshakable character are some characteristics of a superior leader. Great Post.

    • Those are two essential ones Lincoln. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • DS

    “Anyone has the ability to achieve much in life & it all depends on the drive and motivation” – great statement and sentiment. Our drivers and motivators will significantly impact the way we interact with others.

    • I agree, they play a huge role on what we achieve. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • Sophie, this was a very empowering list. A superior leader communicates a compelling vision that he or she get others to join in.

    • Great point Bernard. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Great list Sophie! I think a great leader also casts vision for the future, and helps provide avenues for his/her team to contribute to that vision.

    • I agree(and think more people do) that vision is essential. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  • This is a wonderful list, Sophie! Personally I’d add democratic to the list, for I’m not sure how many people enjoy an autocratic leader, or perhaps a more ‘laissez faire’ culture… The ability to drive forward with not only their own ambition, but the combined ambition and ideas of their team as well. Have an awesome day!

    • Great addition Nick. Thank you for adding to the conversation.

  • A superior leader should also be authentic. Being real instead of fake, being transparent at an appropriate level. Know who who are & be confident to lead from your strenghts and to ask for help in areas of weakness. There are probably more, but these are some of the essential elements of authenticity.

    • Great addition Kari! Thank you for adding it.

  • Syed Nusrat Ali

    Nice list . I think one of the most important characteristics is TRUST which means integrity and honesty